Lord it's like a [Moss Family] Christmas...

Christmas morning, Beau and I ate breakfast and hung out with the Hollands and Jenkins until about 10am, then we hopped in the car and drove westbound for THREE hours to get to Lake Charles (Beau's hometown) to visit his dad's side. TOTALLY worth the drive! The whole Moss family is awesome and reminds me so much of mine: loud, funny, big (in terms of quantity), and craaazy! His aunts, uncles, and Mimi are all wonderful, but it's the cousins that bring the family gatherings to another level. I think there are two thousand 17 cousins on that side, and they're all around the same age, and are all great. For this Christmas, even cousins from out of state came in to visit, so we got a chance to visit with everyone...and had they not, Jingle Booty would have never been introduced to my life...

So I know I have mostly random food pictures, but I get a little nervous whenever I whip my camera out at a party - I feel like everyone's watching thinking, "put the camera up, weirdo". Furthermore, it's hard to take pictures when I'm laughing hysterically. Amongst other games, some of Beau's cousins created a little game called "Jingle Booty". The idea of the game is to get as many jingle bells out of an empty Kleenex box that's belted to your butt...by shaking it like...a salt shaker. It. Was. Hilarious.

After the family get-together, Beau and I met up with his dad, stepmom, and twin brothers for a little gift exchange at their house. Amongst other things, they gave us an incredible patio set (table and chairs) for our newly poured patio! Yay yay yay! Then that night, we slept like kings in their new addition/guest house they just finished building! It was so neat to see Mended Nest furniture in it's natural habitat (I recently finished an end table for Beau's stepmom).

So all in all, I think this was one of the best Christmases I've ever had. Seeing my family and both of Beau's in one weekend was exhausting, but so much fun. We're blessed for so many reasons, but family has to be my number one. We love them all. Merry Christmas!

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