Ballet in Stern Grove

As part of the Stern Grove Festival, Kat and I attended a free, outdoor ballet this past Sunday in Stern Grove instead of attending SF's Dore Alley festivities (Google at your own risk). Per Stern Grove Website:

Stern Grove Festival Association is a non-profit cultural organization committed to providing the people of the Bay Area with admission-free access to diverse performing arts.

Every year since 1938, the organization presents Stern Grove Festival, an admission-free performing arts series, in Sigmund Stern Grove, a beautiful outdoor amphitheater located at 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard in San Francisco.

It was so romantic, and moving forward will become a regular date spot. Even in the middle of July, Kat and I bundled up prepping for the low 60 degree weather, grabbed coffee and a blanket, and eventually found a spot way up in the hills (we showed up a little late - only 45 minute before the ballet began). Yes, we had to duck under trees and branches, but I think that made the experience that much more fun. Yet another example of one of the many offerings this city has. Love.


TMN STYLE: Napa Pool Day

Saturday, Adam and Kat picked me up in the morning before heading to Napa for a day of pooling, relaxing, drinking fancy wine (not that fancy), and eating. Before I contorted myself into the tiny back seat of her mini (along with Adam's guitar) I couldn't help myself - I had to take a picture of Adam's outfit. Essentially, he was serving everything-I-want-to-look-like realness. There was really nothing special about it (sorry, Adam) but I found beauty in simplicity. Easy, vintage, light wash Levi's cut-offs, a muted coral tank, and a basic sweatshirt complete with your standard white Chucks gave a casual but pulled-together look. Top it off with a SF Giants flat-billed hat, and he was good to go. Perfect.


San Francisco Symphony

This past Sunday, the SF Symphony serenaded Dolores Park with their truly magical sounds. Then again, this is coming from someone who their warm ups were actual songs. Literally, they were just making noise. #nailedit. Katherine, Matt, Adam, and I met up with a few friends, threw down blankets, de-layered (the temperature warmed up what seems like 20 degrees after the clouds dissipated), and enjoyed the show. Free, fun, outdoor things like this really make me appreciate living in a city that's nearly bursting with culture and diversity. I love it.


TMN STYLE: 30 Under 30

Last night, Katherine and I met up with our friend, Adam, to attend a 30 Under 30 party. Other than that fact that it was swanky as shit, you needed to be on a list, and free cocktails were involved, I honestly don't know too, too much about it. I will say this - everyone TURNED. IT. OUT. Staying in the Castro bubble, it's easy to forget that people still dress up, hipster out, and w.e.r.k.

In a sea of ombre hair, high buns and bangs, bold lips, and printed rompers stood Katherine (per usual) in a league of her own. Here's the breakdown of her threads:

Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: American Apparel
Clutch: Vintage Haight St. Find
Bracelet: from Jeremy's (high end thrift)
Ring: Tiffany's
Shoes: Christian Louboutin


Well that was a weekend...

Okay - I know this has pictures from a night out which I usually reserve for Facebook, but I couldn't help sharing.

Joe, one of my best friends from Louisiana, is in town visiting for a few days and we decided to start his visit off BIG. It was one of those nights that began with a few drinks at HiTops, my favorite Castro bar that...somehow ended up with Joe, me, and my three best friends in the city dancing until 5:30am at a questionable establishment in SOME called The End Up. Literally, it was nonstop dancing from 2 until 5:30. Like - I know how ridiculous that sounds, but you know how it is. ANYthing can be fun if you're with the right people. What I really loved most was what happened after: We thought it would be a good idea to run to Safeway, wait for 10 minutes until 6:00 when we could buy champagne (see the picture of Katherine (above) perusing the isles to waste time), and head to Dolores Park to watch the sunrise. It. Was. Everything. Granted, I'm a little tired after not sleeping at all, but it was totally worth it. This city...I just can't.


Angel Island

A few weekends ago, some friends and I took a ferry past the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz (first picture) over to Angel Island to enjoy a day of warm sun, good food, flag football, good times with friends, and relaxation. "I really just need to get out of the city this weekend" is a phrase just as common in San Francisco as it is it Manhattan. Sometimes you just need a break from the hustle and bustle and the best way to do that...is to just leave. SF is perfect because depending on the direction you're traveling, in just a short time you can be in wine country or in the mountains or at the beach. Perfection.

This trip was something else. For starters, friends, Sarah, Matt, Korey, and I almost missed the ferry (there was running involved circa Home Alone Airport scene) because our Uber (like a fancy cab) driver simply would not hurry...until Nicole Sscherzinger's Jai Ho came on. Literally. Then while we were there, these Asian girls (which honestly I'm not even positive they were a part of our group) started posing with me and taking pictures while I was sleeping. I'm 90% positive they didn't speak English and didn't seem to know anyone. But like...they were laying next to me and giving peace signs while the other would take pictures. Da fuq?

Long story short, I am (once again) reminding you of how perfect SF is. Like I had to grab a slightly warmer jacket when I left this morning because it was pretty chilly. It's July. JULY. I LOVE IT!


The Fourth

Happy 4th of July (yesterday)! As I'm writing this post, I'm bundled up in my living room, drinking coffee and nursing a hang over from yesterday's activities. It's cold and overcast - perfect weather for updating my neglected blog.

Yesterday was amazing: great food, great people, roof top fireworks, popsicles...and all in San Francisco. How did I get so lucky? We started the day at 1:00pm at our friend, Matt's house right in the middle of Lower Haight. His apartment (with it's spacious kitchen and patio) was the perfect venue for hosting a 4th party. The weather...was everything. 100% opposite from today. It was warm, sunny, and breezy. I actually don't think there was one person there not in a tank top now that I think about it. Afterwards, it was off to the bars, friends houses for fire works, then back out (obviously). I'm not sure if I could think of a better way to celebrate the 4th of July. Go America!