Are We Out of Raffia?

This holiday season, I feel like we're going through more raffia than ever! That sentence seems a little strange, I'm sure so please let me explain. I've mentioned this in former posts, but I wanted to dedicate a whole day to it: bringing a (small and inexpensive) present when you're invited to a party is such a great gesture. Jeri's Corner time: whenever my parents go somewhere, my mom brings a tiny little vase with a few fresh flowers from her garden. The flowers are free and the vase was probably $2.99, but it's the thought that counts.

My go-to gifts are a bottle of wine or a little food something-or-other. Just add a little raffia and a serving spoon or cheese knife for example, and you're good to go! I wouldn't bring these to the same party - just two different examples of how you can incorporate raffia to finish off your gifts! Beware - it goes faster than you thing and one day you'll be out when you need it most and you'll be devastated!! Exaggeration?

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