Friday Finds - The Laundress

My friend, Matt showed me this website, and I am in LOVE. I feel bad cheating on Mrs. Myer's, but this is just too awesome. It's so chic, "New York", and sophisticated. AKA - it's so fancy, y'all! This would look so great in a pure black and white bathroom, don't you think? See Below for the description I pulled from the website. Happy Friday!

"Lindsey Boyd and Gwen Whiting, co-founders of The Laundress®, created this eco-chic line of specialty detergent and fabric care to take the chore out of doing laundry. Frustrated with dingy white t-shirts, ruined items from the dry cleaners and chemically treated cashmere, they researched and developed their own solutions to simplify and master the fine art of laundry. “We knew about 90% of our items that were all labeled dry clean only were washable” says Boyd. “We knew we could eliminate the need for expensive dry cleaning with toxic chemicals, we just needed the products” says Whiting. They value the importance of properly cared for clothing and home linens so they formulated the most effective ingredients for each specific fabric need with their favorite scents to create a sophisticated, efficacious, green and easy to use collection."

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