Dark City

Well...I move to NYC and what do I get? A hurricane. Special.

I've been through a million hurricanes but as I recall those situations, I don't remember them being too bad. I don't mean the destruction, but I mean my personal experience. Back home, we would just evacuate to friend's or family's where I would have electricity, water, etc. Here, there really wasn't anywhere to go during the actual storm so we just watched it out of the window. (Friends, Ryan, Brian, and Andre let me stay at their place; mine lost power/water pretty quickly because of the location). A little way through the night we also lost power AND water so it got a littler interesting. (Helpful hint: fill up the tub with water so you'll have water to flush the toilet). The next morning, the three of us went over to Clark and Jeff's, two very generous/hilarious hosts where we enjoyed a few cocktails and a very long game of Risk. Oh...and showers and electricity. Tomorrow we're heading out to Brooklyn to watch a friends dog and apartment since they're out of the city. Hopefully being in one place will restore a little normalcy.

The point: I'm safe and sound, but a little uncomfortable. Mostly, I'm hoping it doesn't actually take until Saturday to get power.


Another Rainy Day

Well - looks like it's another rainy day in NYC. To be honest - it's really not the overcast part that's so annoying. It's really the humidity that makes it so blah. It's that weather to where if you don't have a jacket then you're cold, but if you do then you're a little too warm. (At least for me. If you just say the word how I break a sweat). I know, I know - I might as well get used to it. I guess I'm just ready for some COLD!


Men's Fashion: Cool Running

Not the "fashion" post you were expecting? Same here. The idea from this post started when I took a picture of these pants and sent it to my friends asking if this was appropriate attire from roaming the city. Of course - the answer was no.

However, I actually HAVE worn this in the city to run errands (either before or after running) but the funny thing is that I don't remember getting even one look. That's what I love about NYC. You can be who you want/dress how you want and no one even gives it a second look. Trust me when I say, this is not even close to the most bizarre clothing on the street.

As a side note - I only wear this if I am, in fact, running before of after. At least these are better than my little running short. I wore those things ALL over BR and trust me when I say - I got a look or two...


Murray's Bagels

I've walked past Murray's Bagels on several occasions and everytime I think to myself - MMM...that place looks yum. Usually because I've just eaten or I'm on my way to go eat (I eat a lot), I haven't had a chance to stop. Yesterday, I was doing some shopping and found myself in Chelsea...right in front of Murray's. Perfection.

There are so many options to choose from it's almost overwhelming...and that's just the bagel choices. Don't even get me started on the individual speciality sandwiches and cream cheese, salad (chicken, shrimp, etc), and fresh fish options. I went with what I thought would be most appropriate of a first timer: The Traditional. It came with fresh Nova Scotia salmon, rich cream cheese, juicy beefsteak tomatoes, crisp red onions, and salty capers. It. Was. Worth. Every. Calorie.

Now I'm completely hooked. What do you think next? I'm thinking NYC Deli Classic.


Chocolate Bar

The other day, I was walking around West Village on a chilly afternoon enjoying the cool front that had just come through when I started craving a warm latte. The cold does that to me. As soon as it gets below 65 degrees, suddenly only chai/pumpkin spice/caramel lattes will do. Either way, I happened to stumble upon Chocolate Bar, and it was at that moment when I knew that a warm beverage wasn't going to do the trick alone. I needed gourmet chocolate.

After indulging to the point to where I'm not exactly comfortable sharing, I napped a few picture on my way out of the "bar". For me, it's the quintessential NYC shoppe. Cute. Unique. Never disappointing.



So the other day when I was at the Flatiron Building, I realized I wasn't too far from Fishs Eddy. I hadn't really had a reason to go considering I don't have my own place (and therefore no need for house/kitchenware), but since I was so close I figured why not.

This place is the mecca of controlled chaos and at times looked like a Pier 1 (but better) on crack. There was something in every single nook and cranny and so many options it was nearly unbearable. I loved it. It's almost like a museum where you have to go around and look at everything AND THEN you can go and make your final purchase selections. My aunt had brought it to my attention originally which is how I knew to blog about it the first time, but it's such a different experience being able to write a quick post after actually going. If you're ever in NYC, I suggest you check it out!


Men's Fashion - Fall in NYC

Fall. Before now, it meant that I could start layering and dressing cute...as long as I wasn't outside (especially in direct sunlight) between the hours of 8am and 8pm. OR it meant what I would normally wear, but with a Northface Denali jacket over it. #LSUuniform. Fall in NYC has a totally different meaning. Layer away...you'll need it. When the high for the week is in the 60s, there's nothing better than a chai latte, a tweed blazer, and a cardigan. Oh...and a scarf #clearly. How could I forget?

This is a look that I pulled together before meeting a recruiter for a CASUAL lunch interview in Midtown. It would translate really well for any daytime meeting: coffee, after work drinks, brunch, etc.

Essentially it's head to ankle J.Crew. Exciting, I know. The shoes are not however. They're the 1901 brand from Nordstrom. I get tons of compliments on them (from randoms on the subway). I suggest you pick up a pair!

PS: Thanks Meredith for the pics!


"I know that place!"

I'm not a big tourist in the sense that I feel no need to take a tour of ciiesy on the top of a bus or walk around with a pack of people taking pictures of everything and getting in basically everyone's way as they all mutter "tourists". With all that said, I do get excited when I walk by landmarks by happenstance. When I realize what I'm looking at it's a pretty cool feeling. The other day, I was meeting someone for lunch on 5th Ave., and afterwards I did a little walking around. I stumbled upon the Flatiron Building, and I couldn't help to snap a few pictures. I've seen it a million times but it's MUCH more impressive in person! Pretty cool, huh?!



When roaming the streets with my friend, Nick, I went into this fantastic shop one afternoon that I spent in Brooklyn (which I loved btw). So many stores are like this in the Brooklyn/Manhattan area: super small (this one was actually pretty big comparatively), super trendy, and very boutiquey but with a cool hipster edge. Since I'm making an attempt to be somewhat fiscally responsible, I didn't actually buy anything. Hardest decision I've ever had to make! No worries - I'll be back...


Alter is an independently owned clothing shop with three locations in Brooklyn.

Founded by Roy Caires and Tommy Cole in February 2007, we currently have a Women's store and a separate Men's store across the street from each other on Franklin St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and a Co-ed shop on Graham Ave in Williamsburg Brooklyn.


Deli Sandwich

When I moved to NY, people asked what kind of food I love most (hoping to be able to say, "Oh, you're going to miss that SO much!") However, my answer to that question is sandwiches. Not ham and American cheese on white. I mean good, gourmet, deli sandwiches that come pressed or on toasted baguettes. Luckily for me - they're basically on every street corner in the city.

One of my favorite places so far happens to be right across the street on Reade. It's just a little corner deli/grocery store that serves all kinds of speciality foods. My favorite so far is the grilled chicken with brie cheese. I add avocado, sprouts, tomato, and light mayo (all on a toasted bun). NOM.


The High Line

One of my first days here, my friend, Brian, brought me to The High Line when I went to visit him in Chelsea before a job interview. It was actually pretty incredible and innovative. It's no surprise that space in NYC for parks is nearly nonexistent, and I thought that this was a great creative solution to that problem. Instead of paraphrasing the details, I just copied and pasted from here. Enjoy!


What is the High Line?
The High Line is a public park built on a 1.45-mile-long elevated rail structure running from Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street on Manhattan's West Side.

What was it used for?
The High Line was a freight rail line, in operation from 1934 to 1980. It carried meat to the meatpacking district, agricultural goods to the factories and warehouses of the industrial West Side, and mail to the Post Office.

Who owns the High Line?
The High Line, south of West 30th Street, is owned by the City of New York and is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks & Recreation. It was donated to the City by CSX Transportation, Inc. which still owns the northernmost section (West 30th Street - West 34th Street).