Christmas with the Jenkins and Hollands!

So after spending Thursday night and Friday morning in Covington with the Caraglianos, Beau and I headed south to New Orleans to visit the Jenkins (Beau's sister's family) and the Hollands (Beau's mom, stepdad, and brother). Laurel, Beau's sister (Jenkin's Family Journey), lives in a beautiful house on Fairway Dr., and that's where we spent Christmas Eve and day. We had such a great time sitting around drinking wassel, playing with Beau's niece, Isabel, and enjoying family talks and yummy food.

It was so enjoyable because we had absolutely nothing to do...and major rarity. At home, we usually get stuck working on some sort of project, but there we got to truly relax! We went to the movies a few times and went out to eat, but mostly hung around the house and just enjoyed each other's company. Beau has the most loving family and it's always a joy to spend time with them.

Christmas eve was my favorite day/night. We went to Mass right around the corner and then came home for a delicious Christmas meal...and then exchanged presents! There's nothing like watching a three year old's excitement when opening Christmas presents - I loved it! Of course, Isabel had her presents from Santa on Christmas morning, but these were from Mia (Rose), Bops (Bob), her mommy and daddy, and "The Uncles" (Beau, Bobby, and me). 

So, after enjoying a little more family fun Christmas morning over coffee and breakfast, Beau and I hopped in the car and headed west to Lake Charles, LA for the last leg of our Christmas journey - Christmas with the Moss family!

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