Ornament Tradition

Every Christmas growing up, my mom (Jeri) would give my brothers and me a special ornament to remember each holiday season. Not only did it help us start our own collection for when we moved out on our own, but it gave us something special to look back on the fun times we had decorating the tree with Christmas music blaring in the background. There were usually tears at SOME point, but all I remember is the laughter, fun, and love.

Beau and I have carried this over into our Christmas each year, and I'm so happy we did. The tradition is so dear to my heart, and it's something we'll do when we have children of our own. Like I previously mentioned, each time you pull one of these out of your Christmas box, you'll be able to reminisce on each Christmas season. If nothing else, It keeps your tree from having boring, matching green and red ball ornaments!

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  1. My family has this same tradition. I still love it!