DIY Table and Decor

This is a table that I had made at my old house out of an old singer table and a shutter. I decided to move it over to my new place because I loved it so much! I was looking at it this morning and thought - I better blog about it before it goes BACK in storage before I move to NY...so here you go. With the old window frames, antique books, and old-school lamps, I think that the look really came together nicely. Hopefully I'll be set up in NY soon with an apartment that can physically fit it. I'm not crossing my fingers...



Runs with Michael

Well I guess I won't be having too many more of these. Michael will be in town (BR) this weekend to see me off to NY which means this'll be the last time we can run together...at least for a very long time. This picture was taken on our run in Houston, Texas Baby earlier in the summer. You can almost feel the humidity.

Michael's a great running buddy because we can chat about anything and everything, but more importantly we can also run in complete silence if we're in the mood. Usually when I'm not talking, I'm cursing him to myself for suggesting that extra mile. Either way - I'll miss him!


Zwolle Tamales!


Last night, my friend Patrick (WitB) and I went over to our friend, Krystal's (APoL) house to enjoy some Zwolle Tamales and spend a little time with some of our other friends...Ramona, The Countess, Carol, Sonja, Aviva,...and the new one that says "hollaaaaa". Patrick's family actually owns Zwolle Tamales, so he had them prepared JUST right for us (you can pick them up from your local Albertson's - try them - they're the BEST)

Krystal and I did talk shop for JUST a second. She's nice enough to help me make a few...adjustments to the TMN website. Nothing major...just like a chemical peel, Restylane, and some botox on the brow line. Changes coming soon so keep looking!


A Very Texas Wedding...In All the Right Ways

This past weekend, Jeri, my dad, and brothers, Mark and Christian drove (yes drove) over to Austin, TX to attend my cousin, Lianne's wedding! It was BEAUTIFUL! I'm not usually a fan of Texas themed events, but this was Texas meets class meets Pinterest meets classic. It was WELL worth the 16 hours of car ride to get there and back!

Congrats to the bride and groom. We love you!


MSY ---> JFK

It's bizarre to write this or say it out loud, but I'm moving to New York City. I'M MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY!

Recently, I submitted my resignation with my job at PRO Unlimited after I was offered an excellent position at a local interior design firm here, in Baton Rouge. It was the strangest thing, but when I removed the safety net of my career, I felt like this major weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It let me make the decision of my dreams and I couldn't be more terrified excited. So I have two weeks left here, then I'm off!

Until I get on my feet, I'm lucky enough to stay with two friends in their fabulous apartment in TriBeCa. After that, I'm sure I'll be living in a box (literally) in Brooklyn if I'm lucky (Jersey City if I'm not)... but we'll cross that bridge when I get there. For now, I've never been so excited for anything in my like, and while I'll miss my sissies, besties, friends, and family...I know that this is the right decision for me at this moment in my life.



Last night, I joined Patty (from "What's in the Box"), Krystal (from APoL), and Jason for the opening of Baton Rouge's newest interior design store/art gallery/seller of fine women's shoes...Mint.

I have to say - this store could not better represent my own personal design aesthetic - very clean, crisp, light, with lots of whites, linens, and soft blues and greens. Mix in some mint juleps, wine, and delicious cookies (yes, i went there), and I'd say that had a stellar opening party.

Mint is located in the old Vespa shop on Corporate Blvd. Check them out - I promise you'll find something you love!


Mexican Cook Out

This past Sunday (the first day of this GORGEOUS weather, we (we being friends, Danielle, Ryan, Brennan, Krystal, and I) decided it was too nice of an evening to sit inside. There's about 7 days a year where this state has enjoyable weather, and I was not planning on wasting it. Solution: cookout by the pool! After a little deliberation, we chose a Mexican theme and got to work on the menu.

While sipping on Skinny Girl margs and beer, we sauteed a veggie medley and grilled chicken and steak for some yummy fajitas (with fresh cilantro, sour creme, salsa, and cheese). That, along with homemade guacamole and black bean salsa...I'd say we did alright.


Men's Fashion: Transition into Fall

Old look, but a good look. In fact - this is one of my favorites. These gray Levi's skinny jeans are my go to pair for fall/winter if I'm opting for something more low key. I know that the tank top is a bit much, but if you're familiar with Louisiana "Fall" then you get it. To make it a little more seasonally appropriate, I like to layer it with a Chambray or plaid shirt. Chambray is perfect for a gray or black jean. My newest favorite way to add some fun and color to a look is with shoes. Especially something like this. Buuut if you're on a budge and looking for a more casual look, some fun Ked's will do the trick!

1. How obnoxious is my face in the first picture. Again - I'm aware I'm not a model by ANY means. #doihaveduckface?
2. Thank you, Krystal from APoL for taking the pictures!!


Bistro Byronz Brunch

I love this place (and not just for their Blue Cheese Chips). Bistro Byronz, located on Government near Superior Grill is one of my favorite dining locations in Baton Rouge. The New Orleansy atmosphere coupled with their delicious cuisine make a perfect setting for a date (or try reserving a room for a great party space).

Either way, Some friends and I brunched there this past Sunday. We chose Bistro Byronz for the reason above AND because of their great patio space (a rarity in Baton Rouge). This weekend, a heavenly cool front came in and made sitting outside not only bearable, but comfortable and enjoyable!


After Party for Five (j/k 6)

Last night, I attended 225's Hot Off the Press Party for their fashion issue at the newly built Renaissance hotel in Baton Rouge. Both 225 and The Renaissance did a great job in terms of putting on a fabulous party. The complimentary food was light (unless you're like me and had several servings #noselfcontrol) and delicious and the overall ambiance of the party was nothing short of bougie. 

Afterwards, friends, Johnny, Patrick, Brittany, Danae, Brennan, and I went right down the road to Perkins Rowe to enjoy a little reverse happy hour at Kona Grill. I was too busy rubbing elbows to take pictures at the event (for which I'm kicking myself now), but I managed to snap a few at Kona. That pizza - DELISH!