Thank You

First post of 2012! It's weird for me to write 20"12"and will probably take my brain a solid two months before I can completely reprogram it to where it's automatic. Oh well. I'm ready for the new year. I, along with most of you, are excited and ready to start a year 3 weeks of exercising, eating celery for snacks, and reading more books. Yeahhh....

This past weekend, Beau and I, along with our partner in crime, Ryan, headed down to New Orleans to celebrate New Year's Eve! I can't speak for Ryan (who may or may not remember large parts of the night), but Beau and I decided this was one of our best NYE together to date. We met up at our friend, Mark's to put or bags down (we stayed there that night) and to have a couple cocktails. Afterward, we headed downtown to a wonderful party complete with the ball drop in Times Square (via TV), an outdoor balcony where we could see fireworks, and good friends that we haven't seen in forever! Afterwards, we taxi'd down to the St. Ann and Bourbon for a little bar fun until..oh...4:30 am when we finally stumbled back to Mark's. I haven't stayed out that late in forever, and I remembered why the whole next day. Oh well...it was totally worth it. The whole night was great. I just wish I had ONE picture to remember it by; we thought it was best to not bring the camera, so I have 0 pictures to share. But....

What I will share is a little advice. Since I had never met the host of the party where we enjoyed a large portion of our night, I'm sending him a very short and simple "thank you" for opening his home to us for NYE. I recommend short and sweet - you don't want to come off as crazy. Just a little something that let's them know that you appreciate them having you over, it was nice to meet them, etc.

I know that this isn't necessary for all occasions. Some friends joke, saying that I should be expecting a thank you card in the mail whenever someone comes over the borrow a ladder or watch a movie. I tell them, "don't be stupid".

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