Deck the Vases with Boughs of Faux Holly

Colder weather is upon us; unfortunately that means that flowers are freezing to death (too morbid?) and I don't have any more fresh flowers for my house. Sure, I could buy them, but it's always a hassle. I either have to make a special trip to the florist with in my nonexistent free time or pick some up when I'm at the grocery. The only problem with the grocery is that I try to strategically get them at the very end of shopping so that they're not out of water too long, but I ALWAYS forget to go back and get them! So what's a guy gunna do?

Try using the holly you can buy at any Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or even Walmart or Target. It doesn't die, you don't have to change out the water, and you don't have to throw them out! Plus, as long as you're keeping it simple, they'll look surprisingly chic.

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