DIY - End Table

Well here it is! I've referenced this table a few times on Facebook and Twitter, and I've finally finished it! I found this antique in Jeri's attic last weekend, and it was in major need of some tlc. As soon as I saw, I knew this table had the bones to really become a beautiful piece of furniture. Based on the color and shape, I can totally see this table in a baby's nursery (although it'll look good pretty much anywhere...except maybe a bathroom or laundry room!

Finished in Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue, distressed, and finished with both the dark and light waxes, the table has a light and airy/French-country look. For the time being, it's placed in my living room, and it looks so good I'm almost hoping it doesn't sell (OMG - kidding. Please buy it!) This is the first of many pieces I have finished and am ready to sell.

This item is FOR SALE. To inquire about this piece specifically, or any others (including furniture you'd like to get a quote on), please email us at themendednest@gmail.com!


Pumpkins and a Movie

This week, Beau and I (along with a few of our closest friends) had our annual Pumpkin Carving Party! Really, it's less of a "party" and more of a "bring a pumpkin, a little booze, and let's hang out" kind of thing, but either way, it's always a lot of fun. I was going to wait to post about this until Halloween day, but I thought writing about it before would give you enough time to do this, yourself...if it sounds fun to you. If you do (and especially for younger kids), try grabbing the pumpkin carving stencils, which you can pick up at any party/Halloween store, most grocery stores,...and Walmart if you dare. They make the process so much easier; most of them even come with a few pumpkin carving tools.

This year, we made plans to go see Paranormal Activity 3 to keep in line with the Halloween/scary theme. OMG, it was so fun, although not as good as the other movies in my opinion. If you haven't seen it (and you like scary movies), I highly recommend you go! About this weekend  - it's weird, this is the first year that a lot of our friends aren't going to dress up and go out to New Orleans or a local bar here, in Baton Rouge. I'm just not really in the mood to see casts of jersey shore, every outfit Lady Gaga every wore, or sexy police officers, firewomen, teachers, etc., etc., etc. We may just hang low, be fat and order pizza, watch some movies, drink a little (or a lot) of wine, and enjoy the company of our friends.


These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Roasted garlic, goat cheese, and rosemary - these are most definitely a few of my favorite things. Now, when put together on top of a toasted baguette...well, I can't think of a better appetizer! This is something SO cheap and easy - everything together costs less than $10! Plus, I promise your guests will LOVE it; this appetizer is a crowd-pleaser and always goes quickly.

Peel the outer layers of the garlic bulb and cut off about 1/4 inch of the top exposing the individual cloves.
Drizzle with a little olive oil and wrap in foil.
Bake at 400 degrees for ~30 minutes.
*make sure oven is
pre-heated to 400 degrees

While that's cooking, fresh goat cheese over toasted baguette. Once it's is cooked, simply add the mashed garlic over baguette and goat cheese. Finally, add a little rosemary for both aesthetic and obvious taste reasons.
Bon appetite!


Mended Nest Invite - Tyler's Birthday!

This custom invite was one of the first official projects of The Mended Nest, llc., and we couldn't be happier with the finished product! We were approached by someone requesting a birthday invite for his boyfriend's 23rd birthday. Along with a few other specifications, the general request was something that wasn't over the top, fairly to the point, with fall inspired colors. I feel like this is exactly that. I LOVE simple, chic invites that aren't too loud, yet still interesting and fun. Check out the paper on the second image. We offer a variety of paper options in terms of color and texture - this one was a white with the linen finish.

If you'd like more information about custom invitations from The Mended Nest, please send us an email: themendednest@gmail.com.


The Wine Store

Just a few years ago, Beau's aunt and uncle, Martha and Mike opened the first and only wine boutique in Lake Charles, LA appropriately named, The Wine Store. Like most wine stores, the shop offers an assortment of wines from around the world, select beers and spirits, and miscellaneous wine accessories. However, what I really love about the store is the custom gift baskets! Created by Martha, herself, she carefully takes into consideration the occasion, preferences, and budget when assembling them making each one unique and special. However, the one common denominator is the beauty of the baskets. What a perfect Christmas present...hint hint!

Another great service The Wine Store offers is wine tasting. There are weekly tastings that are open to the public, but Martha and Mike also offer private tastings which you can do at the store or in the privacy of your own home. They'll even work with your caterer to assure the wines match the hor d'oeuvres and main dishes - perfect for the dinner party professional who needs to one up the other non-working ladies in the neighborhood!

I have to say, I love the barter system. In exchange for some design services, Martha and Mike generously gave us a case of assorted wines - 12 bottles in total. I haven't found one that I don't love, so the only problem is that they're being enjoyed a little too quickly. I'm praying that they need Beau's design services soon. I mean, really - how appropriate is it that I would have family in the wine business?


Brothers & Sisters Lights

Finally, after years of wanting them...and procrastinating, Beau and I finally purchased Brothers & Sisters string lights for our back porch! At our old house, we had a front porch, but we rarely took advantage of it - probably because it's usually too hot outside (unless you don't mind sweating). Well, our new house does not have a front porch and (go figure) I really wish I had one. Luckily, we do have a cute little side porch, but until recently, we did nothing with it. There was no seating and the dogs did a fine job of keeping it dirty. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Hello Sushi crew generously bought a super fancy grill for me as a parting gift when I submitted my resignation. Well, the grill is actually what sparked our quest to revamp our porch this weekend (turning from a boring walkway to the back yard into a picturesque, quaint seating area - perfect for entertaining and...drinking wine).

So far, we've only assembled the grill, hung the lights, and placed a few chairs out there, but it's made such a huge difference. A few nights ago, we had a few friends over, and it was SO nice. We have many, many more ideas in mind for our little side porch, but as always, you'll just have to keep reading...


Just a Little Something

Last night, Beau and I had one of out oldest and best friends, Ryan over for some
homemade pizzas to thank him for watching dogs this past weekend while we were at the wedding in Lake Charles. Poor Ryan - that weekend couldn't have gone more wrong (to NO fault of his own). Sunday morning when he came to let the dogs out, he realized that their barks weren't coming from their room, but from the front door. When he opened the door, his assumptions were realized...and then some. One of the dogs (I'm blaming Cooper) peed all over the floor twice at some point in the night! As you can imagine, it got everywhere since (I'm sure) both dogs ran through it and then walked all over the house. I literally laugh when I think about Ryan's face when we walked in to all of this. Poor thing. Of course, we wouldn't have know the difference if he hadn't told us. I think the floors were actually cleaner after he got done than they were when we left.

Of course, everything has been cleaned again and disinfected since, so it's really easy to laugh about it now. Regardless of how destructive the danes can be, we were going to have Ryan over to thank him for watching them while we were gone (like I said earlier). When he got here, he had with him a little bunch of flowers as a thank you and a sorry for the dogs...which was completely unnecessary. I've mentioned in previous posts that bringing a bottle of wine is an easy, good idea when someone invites you over (which he also did). However, I think flowers send an equally nice message. For me at least, just the though that someone went out of there way for something so considerate means a lot. I think this is a great idea - especially when someone has you over for the very first time. Even if it is "just a little something".


Wedding Recap - Jimmy and Katherine!

As I mention in Monday's post, Beau and I traveled to his hometown of Lake Charles, LA in order to attend his cousin, Katherine and her husband, Jimmy's wedding. In true Moss (Beau's dad's family) fashion, the whole weekend was quite an event in all the right ways. Since Beau sang in the wedding, on Friday night we were invited to the rehearsal dinner held at the Pioneer Club in downtown Lake Charles. The Moss family is pretty big (not in lbs. but in quantity), but Jimmy's family is even bigger. He's one of thirteen...yes thirteen children, so you can imagine how man people were there. The company, the food, and the wine were out of control, so needless to say we had a great time, but the weekend fun didn't stop there...

The wedding was held on Saturday evening at the stunning Immaculate Conception Cathedral. The church, the bridal party, the music, and especially the bride were all beyond words. Katherine looked so happy and beautiful, and it was so refreshing to see some flattering bridesmaids' dresses for once! After the ceremony, the tears dried up and the real fun began at the reception held at the Country Club on the other side of town. It. Was. Amazing. From what I understand, trees with changing leaves were flown in from other parts of the country, and Katherine's dad, an architect, even built a custom bar! And the food...omg the food. DELICIOUS! Obviously beer and wine were served, but Katherine and Jimmy also had their signature "his and her" drinks as well. The night carried on with eating, dancing, laughing, and an all around great time was had my all. It's so fun to hang out with his family. They're all crazy-fun and easy going. However, let me just say that I have honestly never been as hung over as I was that next day in my entire life. Well worth the headache, though. I CAN say that much.

The only thing that I regret is not getting more picture from the reception. It was dark in the space, and it made it difficult to get good shots. Hopefully you can get an idea of how beautiful it was!


Mended Furniture

Since submitting my resignation at Hello Sushi, my evenings have opened up and allow me to focus on more creative endeavors and DIY projects around the house. As part of the original scope of services we had in mind when creating The Mended Nest, llc, Beau and I now (finally) have the time to offer furniture repainting/refinishing (using the Annie Sloan paint) as part of our repertoire of products. Remember, we also offer custom invitations, announcements, holiday cards, pre-made stationary, etc...PERFECT for this upcoming holiday season!

We will be posting and selling furniture that we've 
purchased from thrift and antique stores or garage sales and then refinished. However, if you have a piece that you'd like repainted, please let us know! Send us a few pictures to themendednest@gmail.com, and we can give you a quote. We'll mostly be using Annie Sloan paint because it's easy to create a vintage, antiqued, French-country look (that I wish my entire house looked like). Just click on the link in the previous sentence, and you can choose whichever color(s) you like for your furniture! Also, you'll have you choice of wax colors (depending on how you'd like the finished product to turn out). Hope to hear from you soon, and keep reading later posts to see what we're working on!


A Perfect Pairing

Peanut butter and jelly, eggs and bacon, cats and mice, Monica Lewinsky and sex scandals. There are so many examples in life where something, without the other, just isn't the same. Peanut butter, for example, is something that Beau and I love, but when you combine it with jelly and spread over plain white bread, it takes it to another level. This same theory is true for possibly one of the most sinful pairings of all time: hot coffee and warm, glazed donuts.

Saturday morning, we all woke up to Mr. Bob getting back from picking up (per Isabel's, (Beau's niece) request) soft, warm, ultra-fresh glazed donuts...along with a few chocolate and donut holes! I feel like it's a little offensive to say I was in Heaven, but let's be honest. I was more excited about this than Christmas morning. To make it more of a dream come true, we got to enjoy it with Rose's (Beau's mom) famous coffee. I can't tell you the recipe, but take my word for it when I say I've had no coffee better in my life. All I know is there's something vanilla, some perfect creamer/sugar combination, and it's topped off with a dollop of whipped cream. When the donut is dipped in the coffee, there is NO better pairing I'd rather be a part of. And now I'm hungry...

We were in Lake Charles this whole weekend celebrating Beau's cousin's wedding, so there will be a few posts this week related to Lake Charles food, family, and fun. Hope you keep reading!


Friday Finds - Fishs Eddy

Happy Friday! I couldn't be happier for two reasons: 1) Today I'm taking a half day at work because 2) Beau and I are going to a wedding! His cousin, Katherine and her finance, Jimmy are getting married tomorrow afternoon (remember "Our Lake Chuck Weekend" for the shower?), but we're heading in today for the rehearsal dinner, which we were invited to because Beau is singing in the wedding. Yes, he is a man of many talents.

None of that is the point of this post, however. I was told about
Fishs Eddy by my aunt and uncle who had visited the one and only shop near Gramercy park in New York City. While I haven't been myself, the store looks incredible, although possibly a little overwhelming, too! With stacks and stacks of dishes, barrels of silverware, racks of stemware, and countless tchotchkes, this place is somewhat a dream come true for me. It almost reminds me of Hoarders...if the person hoarded nothing but chic, reasonably priced, and curiously vintage house/stem/dinnerware.

Since theres only one store in NYC, it look like I'll be ordering from the online catalog. Let me know if you've purchased anything from there. I'd love to hear what you think about the quality of the pieces, etc.! Have a GREAT weekend!

Pictures pulled from Fishs Eddy website


Goodbye, Hello

Sadly, after 4 years of service, I have decided to resign my position as a server/bartender at Hello Sushi. These have been my best years of Baton Rouge, and I am taking with me literally countless memories full of fun and laughter as well as some of the best and strongest friendships of my life. Two years of working two jobs (the other with PRO Unlimited in Human Resources/Client Services) has been tolling on my life and relationship, and as much as it saddens me to leave, those two come first. Furthermore, as Beau and I have created this company (The Mended Nest, llc), I owe it to us to dedicate the necessary time and effort to get this off the ground.

Hello Sushi has been such a major part of my life that it's going to be a very transition to be without. Everyone from the owner to the dish washer have transitioned from co-worker to friend to family. Phew...I'm tearing up. More than anything, Stephanie (the GM) has become like an older sister and best friend to me. A confidant, mentor, fellow foodie, and a shoulder to lean on - she is the nicest, sweetest, and most generous person I've had the pleasure of meeting, and she - above all else - is what I will miss most about Hello Sushi.

On the bright side - I'll see her ALL the time. I mean, who do you think is coming over for all my bbqs I'm going to throw now that I have a bbq pit (thanks to everyone at Hello)?! Everyone pitched in and surprised me with it on one of my last nights. How awesome are they?! If you're reading, I cannot thank you enough. I love you all and will miss you dearly!


Red Beans and Pumpkins

After using them as table decode for a few months now, I've decided to retire the split peas and introduce red beans in their place. For whatever reason, a few people have commented, telling me that I didn't make this (and some other ideas) up. So, I thought it went without saying, but let me be the first to testify that this isn't my own invention. HOWEVER, I do love the idea for a few reasons. Placed next to a few small pumpkins on my dining room table, it reminds me of fall, yummy dinners by the fire place (if we had one), changing leaves, and Thanksgiving. I like to keep it simple with just the red beans, but you can make it your own by adding, mixing, or layering any other kind of dried bean that has the color palate you're looking for. Also, switch up the vase/container you're using. It can go from plain to more elegant just by using different shapes. Try it out! Besides, who doesn't love cheap, cheap decor? 


Weekend Wrap Up - Covington

Like I said in yesterday's post, Beau and I spend the weekend in Covington for the half marathon, but also because my whole extended family on my mom, Jeri's side got together at MawMaw's for a family meal. Quick backstory - MawMaw is Jeri's mom, and she is AMAZING. She's beautiful and classy yet hilarious, outgoing...and a drinker. I'm sure you didn't doubt, but not a hand-me-my-Budweiser-and-pack-of-Virginia-Slims kind of drinker. Just like Jeri, I don't know if she'd prefer anything over a glass of wine and a good book. (Maybe spending time with her grandchildren?) but she doesn't stop there. She'll be the first one to go meet you out for a Ramos Gin Fizz, Sazerac, or a martini (straight up) at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. In fact, Saturday afternoon, she called to let me know that she was tailgating at the LSU game with some of her girlfriends, and she was wondering where I was so we could meet up. Classic.

Before I get into MawMaw's, I have to give a shout-out to my Uncle John (Jeri's sister, Bridget's husband). Beau and I met up there with my and his family to watch a US soccer game and eat some of the most delicious burgers I've ever eaten (prepared by John). PS - there's not much I'd rather do on a Saturday afternoon than attend a cookout with my family. Pics need a little work because it was dark, but I'll be sharing them soon enough!

However, back to MawMaw's - along with countless appetizers that we made and brought, she prepared her famous Roast and Potatoes au Gratin (along with a side salad, and a sauteed green beans. This is a meal she'd prepare for Jeri, her brother, and two "sissies" (and of course PawPaw) when they were growing up. I've had it a million times and it gets better every single time. I'm laughing because as I'm typing this, I'm literally salivating - it's so good! I love getting together with everyone. I don't think there's one single time we've all gotten together where I haven't been in stitches the whole time from laughing. Coincidentally, next week is my cousin, Olivia's birthday, so we were all able to celebrate her turning a year older! My Aunt Jamie (Jeri's other sissy) prepared two desserts for the occasion, and they were DELICIOUS as always. Clearly, elastic waistbands will just be a part of my life...permanently.


13.1? Done!

Beau and I spent Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday in Covington visiting with my parents and family this past weekend, and as usual we had a blast. Oh yeah...and Beau ran 13.1 miles. No big deal. But seriously!!..I couldn't be more proud. This Sunday morning was the Gulf Coast Half Marathon that Beau and I have been training for for the past few months. His stepmom, Claudean was the one that talked us into doing the race in the first place, so she was with us during the race day as well. Unfortunately, thanks to two knee injuries, I wasn't able to participate, but I'm trying to stay positive about it. Since registering for the race cost $60, I'm just telling myself I had a great time on the side lines cheering, and walked away with a $60 t-shirt with all the sponsors on it - the one all the runners got. Special.

Let me just say that I am exhausted right now. My mom and I woke up at 6 am (after a night of wine) in hopes of getting to race before the runners started so we could talk to Beau and
Claudean. Of course, it took us longer to get there than expected, so were missed the very beginning of the race. At least we saw Beau running a few minutes in, so we were able to wave him on then. GO BEAU! While the race was going on, Jeri and I got a chance to walk and chit chat through Fountainebleu State Park where the half marathon started and finished. If you ever get a chance to go you should take it. The scenery was beautiful.

As I mentioned earlier, I couldn't be more proud of Beau and Claudean for their amazing accomplishment, and next year (possibly after a few surgeries) I'll be right there with them!


Talk to You in January

Well it's here, and I couldn't be happier. The middle of October marks the beginning of dinner parties, holiday gatherings, and wedding season, and this year it seems we're busier than ever. Obviously, this is no complaint - although sometimes I feel Beau could go without all this, I live for it! I love having my upcoming weekends planned out: this weekend is our half-marathon then family gathering at my parents, next is Beau's cousin, Katherine's wedding, then it's already Halloween! Next month it's countless Thanksgiving parties, followed by a month of Christmas parties. Then it's already time to start planning for New Year's Eve! As I'm typing I'm getting more and more excited!

Don't worry (because I know you totally were) - Beau and I will walk you through every step making sure to include anything unique, interesting, yet relevant to this blog. I'm anticipating some elaborate dinner parties and some major eats! Let the festivities begin!

With all of this in mind, we hope that you consider The Mended Nest during this season. We offer services ranging from the following:

Custom invites
Save the Dates
Wedding Packets
Custom Birthday Cards
Graduation Announcements
Business Cards

Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend! (Also note: None of the above pictures were creations of The Mended Nest, although they're all beautiful!)


Men's Fashion: Fall Threads

As I've pointed out in basically every post this week, Fall is here, and I couldn't be happier. There are so, so many things I love about the season - mostly the weather...and for two main reasons: 1) because the heat and humidity doesn't hit me like a ton of bricks every time I walk out the house, and 2) there's no season I love more (in terms of fashion and style) than Fall! I (sadly) get really excited when it's time to pull out all of our cardigans, sweaters/pullovers/hoodies, scarves, and boots. It's like Fall Christmas! I'm also a layering fiend, so anytime I can get three layers on I'm in my happy place!

Based on the picture above, this is a perfect Jean Friday then-off-to-grab-a-drink-with-a-few-friends-at-happy-hour outfit because it's classic and simple, but has enough punch to still be interesting. Start by grabbing a loud/fun (yet not over the top) button up shirt. You can easily tone it down by throwing on a muted sweater or pullover over the shirt. To keep you looking a little more professional, finish with a vintage tweed/twill blazer. My suggestion: rummage through your local thrift and vintage stores. You'd be surprised what a little digging and a good taylor can do! 

As for the bottom, I suggest a simple slim-fit (NOT skin tight) dark jean. (A darker jean is one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit.) Finally, to complete the ensemble, CUFF the jeans and wear with you favorite (because I'm sure you have several) pair of Chukka boots. You can find them pretty much anywhere now, but J.Crew and Johnston and Murphy both have great selections.

I hope you guys try this idea! (Matt - I can't wait to hear how much you love this) most of the pieces above are excellent staple pieces and can be mixed and match in countless ways. Just make sure you have all the Fall essentials:

1. Dark slim fit denim
2. Muted pullover or sweater
3. Tweed/Twill Blazer
4. Chukka boot


Abita Beer 101

While I am an avid wine drinker, there are times when I can think of nothing better than an ice cold beer. If images of a 40oz Budweiser from the gas station complete with a paper bag and homeless man pop into your head, please think again. I'm talking quality, delicious clean, crisp beer. I'm sure any true beer pro that's reading this has about a million things to say about Abita beer (which this post is about), but I'm about keeping it simple. I'm sure you can find a better that THEY prefer like Struise Pannepot Grand Reserva from Belgium, but can you imagine the bartender's face when you ask for that?

Although I live in Baton Rogue now, I am from Covington, a quaint city about a hour east of our state's capitol. Nestled right next to Covington is a tiny little town named Abita Springs, and this is the home of one of my favorite beer companies:
Abita Brew Company. They have several seasonal beers including a Abita Bock, Red Ale, Wheat, Fall Fest and Christmas as well as a few harvest brews: Strawberry, Satsuma, and this seasons - Pecan! They're not syrupy at all, but rather have just a hint of the flavor. I'd explain but I added the link above where you can check out how it's done on their website.

There are so many other options that I love including Purple Haze, Restoration Ale, and Turbo Dog, and all of the ones I listed above are my go-to beers when I'm out drinking. Truly, I can think of few things better than hanging out with a few friends on a cool fall evening while drinking a pitcher or two of Abita's Purple Haze or Pecan Ale. Ahh....


Breakfast is Ready!

Since this past weekend's LSU game was so early, we decided to skip tailgating just this once and instead stay home and cook a big breakfast (along with friends, Tont (Tony) and Mesty (Megan)). One of our game day traditions is peanut butter waffles, so it was surprising that these were not on the menu. Instead, we made veggie scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and biscuits with peanut butter and apple sauce. Oh yeah...you read that correctly...biscuits with peanut butter and apple sauce. Surprisingly, they were actually pretty good! Since the bacon and biscuits are pretty straight forward, I'm not going to share a "recipe", but I do want to share the scrambled eggs recipe with you guys...

Scrambled Eggs Veggie: (Serves 2)

- 4 large eggs
- 1/4 red onion chopped
- 4 stems of green onion
- 1/2 bell pepper
- 1 Roma tomato
- extra sharp cheddar (grated to desired cheesiness)
- salt and pepper...and a dash of Tony's

Cook until the eggs have reached the consistency you prefer. Just remember to add the cheese last because you don't want to burn it! Especially coupled with a few sides like bacon or biscuits, eggs are such an easy thing to cook for a large group of people. They're fast and generally pretty hard to mess up. Just remember to spray the pan first!


Fall Decor Ideas

October is finally here, and it couldn't come with a better present: cooler temperatures and beautiful sunshine! For those who don't know, I cannot stand hot, humid, and overcast Louisiana muggy days. Fortunately for me, there are only about 8 months out of the year when it's like this...cough. I can't even talk about it. All I care about is that I wore a sweater to walk the dogs over the weekend and this morning, and I was able to leave all the windows open in my house allowing the cool breeze blow through. Ahh...bliss.

I'm in a good mood from not sweating, football season is upon us, and Christmas decorations are in the stores...this can mean only one thing: Fall has arrived!! This may have to be my favorite season for so many reasons: Enjoying the weather on the front porch with a glass bottle of Pinot Noir, scarves and clothing with earth tone palates, and changing and falling leaves. On top of all of this, Fall marks the beginning of dinner party season! Seriously - Beau and I basically have every single weekend booked until March.

I got a little carried away with all this Fall season talk, so sorry for JUST getting to my point: Fall decor. This is my motto: we can decorate for Fall, not Halloween. Nothing against the holiday, and if you like it, go for it! I just find it extremely challenging to find any chic Halloween decorations. Not even Pottery Barn can do it for me. To keep the earthy, organic feel that I inherently get from fall, we like to use nature-inspired decor. If I'm going to use pumpkins, I'm going to use real pumpkins. I don't care for fake, "plasicy", faux pumpkins. Why do that when you can go anywhere (even Walmart) and buy a few real pumpkins. They're only cost between $1 to $5, and you can just toss them when you bust out the Christmas decor...no storing required! Now the twig pumpkins above are a little different. They're still made from natural materials and are not a substitution for the real deal. Another recommendation: keep it simple. Keeping it simple keeps it classy and chic without getting hoaky and cluttered. 

Some other ideas: We changed out the split peas for red beans to use as a centerpiece for the table, and placed dried corn with the husks in a rectangular glass bowl and used as a centerpiece on a table. Hope this helps. Feel free to email us (themendednest@gmail.com) if you have any questions or suggestions!