Happy Friday, Y'all!

Usually on Fridays I'll take the late shuttle down to Redwood City for work. During the week, II get up at 6:30 in order to make the 7:15 bus, but Fridays are my day of rest and I'll take the late bus in leaving at 9:30. As today is Friday, I was planning on (and really looking forward to) sleeping in, but as I was falling asleep I remembered I have an early meeting today. #theworst

So to make things even better, this is weather I was greeted with as I stepped out of Korey's apartment: cold and humidity. I knew it was supposed to get into the low 70's today, so all I had to keep me warm was my jean jacket and LUCKILY the scarf I threw in my bag last minute. So - obviously jean on jean. I wore my favorite Levi's 511s that I had tailored in the calf for a slimmer fit and paired it with my Clark's Desert Boots and gingham J.Crew shirt

Obviously, I stopped at Philz for a crack coffee pick-me-up and warm-me-up.



This past Saturday i joined my closest SF friends, Adam and Brandner (Matt), and I met up with some new friends (at least for me) at Biergarten (Beer Garden).  Okay, when I got there I was like wtf. Especially since it in Hayes Valley which is super cute, I was imagining something similar to Baton Rouge's Bulldog with cute patio seating and millions of beer on tap. Umm...no. Like, no offense but "concentration camp" was the first thing that came to mind. You ordered beer and food from what I'm convinced is a Pod, just painted in Prison/Military Gray. Speaking of prison, the "garden" was enclosed by a chain linked fence and the ground was asphalt except or one tiny area. Idk. Just not what I was expecting. It makes me want to open something similar and show them how it's done. #work

Well, with all of that said...we had SO much fun and apparently all if SF did, too. Biergarten was packed...to the point to where the line for beer was 45 minutes long. Like...omg. So worth it and so so fun. Even better: I can check it off as a "something new". (I've been trying to do one new thing every week).
PS - how much do you love my glasses? Don't even - they're so cute!


Run to the Beach

So I do this great run every Saturday morning. I go from my apartment through the Golden Gate Park to the beach. Once there, I'll hang out...with myself, get a little sun, ans just relax. It's about 8 miles (I think) so afterwards, I can justify taking a break from working out/running on Sunday.

Well, yesterday after Korey and I went to brunch, he decided to go running to China beach and asked if I wanted to go with him. My legs were already sore and tired (I know - poor me, right?) but it was so nice outside I said eff it, I'll go.

After what I'm convinced was uphill 100% of the way for literally 30 about 4ish miles, we finally go to the beach. Per-fec-tion. OMG it was great. The skies were clear and the views were stunning. It was so nice to just relax and have time to talk about nothing between the two of us. Basically it was the best afternoon ever until I had to run (again 100% uphill) back to my apartment. I would say I can feel the burn this morning, but I can't feel shit. #nailedit


I Can See Clearly Now...

Please talk to me about how cute these are. I was on Fab.com last night looking at a bunch of shit that I don't need and I ran across these and instantly fell in love. I'm in absolutely no need desperate need of new glasses and sunglass, and I think I may actually deviate from my Ray-Bans and try one...or two of these.

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St. Patty's Day

Okay, so I'm used to a St. Patrick's day in Baton Rouge where I mentally prepare myself for a full day (8am - 8pm) of drinking, partying, and parading. This year in SF, let's just say I was not as prepared as I should have been. I was like, "Oh I'll be fiiiiine. We're not even getting out there until 4...". Yes well, all I had eaten that day was half of a large popcorn when Korey and I went to see "The Call" that morning...and a hotdog. Several Irish Car Bombs, Bloody Marys, and pitchers of beer later, let's just say I 2.0ed and called it a night (after a HUGE quesadilla) at like 10:45.

This was a really tough day for me. St. Patty's Day is one of my FAVORITE days to spend in BR. I was reminiscing big time thinking about Atrie's parties, the Garden District, my friends, and even BR in general. I'm excited for my trip home. August can't some soon enough.


Style Lately

Above are a few pictures I've taken of my outfits recently. (OMG sorry about the selfie angle. I'm working on getting a camera). SF is great for layering all year long (obviously I'm obsessed) and now that it's turning into spring, I'm starting to experiment with some color.

Latest favorites:

Green Levi's Sweatshirt (above)
Jean Shirt (ALWAYS)
Levi's Jean Jacket
Orange J.Crew Pants
Grey Levi's 511 (recently tailored for a skinnier leg)
Vintage Levi's 510 (recently hemmed)


Fog City

Since moving to SF, I've been warned about how foggy the city can get - especially if you live in the sunset. Well after work, I experienced it for the first time really since moving here. I went running from my house in The Haight heading west into Golden Gate park towards The Sunset. Okay - it was like Beauty and the Beast when Belle went into that forest in search of her father. It started to get a little cooler, then cold. I could watch and feel the fog become more and more dense. When I finally turned around and headed back the other direction, it started to dissipate.

This morning, I woke up and it was exactly that same as in the park. I couldn't see a thing past 25 feet. Honestly, I couldn't care less, except that I used my new Moroccan Oil hairspray which the humidity totally killed and ain't NObody got time for that.

*I included a pic from a clearer day for comparison.


The Grove

Yesterday, my friend and coworker, Laura, flew to from Austin to SF to spend a week here at this facility to meet a bunch on onsite managers. Trust me when I tell you that after work she desperately needed a keg beer. Our commute from Redwood Shores (where we work) to San Francisco was cut in a third since I wasn't on the bus, so we made is there with plenty of daylight left (first day back to work since the time change and I'm obsessed - other than having to wake up in pitch black darkness).

When she asked where a good place to grab a few drinks was, I honestly didn't know what to say. Since moving here, it's been dark when I finally get home which kind of kills the fun of exploring the city. On the weekends, I usually stay around Castro or The Mission. I was like, "Okay this is ridiculous. I'm finding us somewhere to go". After doing a little research and consulting with friends, I decided on The Grove, located in Lower Pacific Heights. I had actually been here before my first weekend in the city, but I had completely forgotten about it.

Patio seating, beer on tap, good food, unique decor. Sold.


80's/Taco Bell Collab

Recently, I've been watching a lot of YouTubers' videos and doing a little research because I'm THINKING about taking TMN and myself to the YouTubes. Of all the all the videos I've been watching, my favorites tend to be collabs, when one YouTuber is featured on another's channel. One of my friends is a big YouTube personality and he knows a thing or two about collaborations. Maybe that's why he came up with the idea of crashing my boyfriend, Korey's 80's themed birthday party and essentially turning it into a collaboration with Taco Bell.

Let me explain - on Twitter, they both tweet at Taco Bell and vice versa. As a surprise (and it was a HUGE surprise) our friend got corporate media people from Taco Bell surprise us all and walked in with what seemed like two million hundred tacos to cater the 40 something people there.

Party: Success



...and for once I'm not talking about me.

Y'all, there are so many homeless people in this city! I was shocked. I get that it sucks and I certainly wouldn't wish it on anyone (and this is NOT a get-your-life-together bitch session). I only bring it up because as I'm walking to the EA shuttle in the mornings, I probably pass by 5 to 10 homeless people on sidewalks, on nooks like this, and especially in Delores Park. Geeze - it makes me appreciate my tiny room. It may be small, but at least it's more than a sleeping bag!


Puppy Love

Recently, I've really been missing my two great danes, Duke (blue) and Cooper (fawn) more than usual. When I sold my house and eventually moved to NYC, I had no other option than to find them a home. Easily it was the hardest thing that I've been through - I loved those dogs more than words can explain. Now in SF, it seems like everyone I see is accompanied by a furry friend. Before I was a dog owner, I didn't get it, but if you do/did have a dog then you can totally relate when I say that there is no companionship like that of a loyal pup. In terms of both my living situation (such a small apartment) and how much time I'm away, there's absolutely no way I could get another dog now. So until then, I'll smile and watch all the dogs and their owners at Delores Park on weekends and keep reminding myself that one day, I'll be one of them again.

The picture directly above is me with Rugby, one of my SF friend's dog. SO SWEET!


The Color Run

Busted clown tranny. This is really the best way that I can describe how we, Team Jock (and all others who participated in the color run) looked by the time we got to the finish line. It was so much fun, and if you've never participated, I couldn't recommend it more. Long story short, you go wearing all white. Everyone gets a packet full of colored powder which everyone throws in the air at the end of the race making a rainbow cloud covering all participants. That's after you run through the colored checkpoints where race volunteers throw the corresponding color on all the runners passing through.

So imagine me looking like this and of course not changing as I ran my errands. Friends know that I'm not one to change out of my running shorts (with 1/2 inch inseams) or pants (aka tights) after running before heading to to do whatever-I'm-doing around town. Before heading to the bars to meet the rest of Team Jock for a few beers, I had to stop by the post office to ship a few boxes. The bus driver that got me there, all passengers, everyone I passed in the streets, and everyone in the post office was thinking (and some saying) OMG WTF. It's one thing to be in a group looking like this. People ten to assume its for something. Alone, people tend to a) stare b) cover their children's eyes and run c) hand me some change saying, "Don't worry. It gets better".