Even though San Francisco is relatively small (7 x 7), I still find myself in the same areas, even on the weekends. Even though I love the Castro, the Mission, Hayes Valley, Duboce Triangle, and the Lower Haight, there's so much more of the city I want to familiarize myself with. SO...

This afternoon, Katherine and I drove over to Northbeach to enjoy a lazy, rainy day of shopping, eating (and girl did we eat), and exploring. We checked out Mashka which was sups cute then walked around trying to choose from one of the (what seems like) thousands of pizza/Italian restaurants. We finally made the decision to have cioppino at Sotto Mare. Can I just say that it was the best cioppino I've ever had?

Afterwards, we enjoyed (I'm embarrassed to admit) a cannoli AND gelato AND coffees - as if $45 worth of cioppino, not to mention bread and pasta and a bottle of wine. Like - this is not normal behavior...


Roosevelt Beach

This past Saturday, my long time SF besties (Katherine, Matt, and Adam) and I got together for the first time in what seems like forever. We decided to cook brunch at Matt's then head down the peninsula to Half Moon Bay to enjoy the warm(isn) weather by the beach. It was so great to get out of the city and enjoy nothing but the sound of the ocean...and Lady Gaga's G.U.Y.

In all honesty, I'm not really sure if there's anything better than best friends that you can be your true goofy self with, wine, snacks, the beach, and jumping pictures. One thing we could all agree on - life is good, we are lucky to live in...mmm...the best state ever (and have each other I guess).