Hairs Cut (Re-post)

"Hey, Man. How are you? Would you like a drink? Whiskey or PBR?"

This is what I hear last night at as I'm walking into Gaudet Bros. for my much needed haircut appointment. So, as Micah Nickens (owner) finishes up with another client, I do just that. I love running a little early because it gives me a chance to walk around his studio, enjoy the Big Band Pandora station, and check out the new art work that is constantly being refreshed. 

Located right in the heart of the Garden District, Micah's studio shares a space with an ajoining art studio. One of the things Beau and I love about coming here is that when we step into his space, we step out of Baton Rouge, and into a hole-in-the-wall NY studio. (not $300 per cut NY studio with glass and chrome everywhere -  think funky/swanky SOHO). Dressed in cuffed jeans, Dock Martins, a button up with rolled sleeves revealing his tattoo sleeve, bow toe and/or suspenders, and fedora, Micah is a breath of fresh air - the "anti-frat-guy" look which has become all too popular in BR (the frat guy look, I mean). 

However, regardless of how he dresses or what his studio looks like, we cannot speak highly enough of Micah as a stylist OR person. Everyone who either Beau or I have referred to him has called afterward and said how much they love him and their hair. Obviously, we're never surprised - it's why we keep going back. As the stylist for NOLA Fashion Week, you'd think Micah would be booked for months, but that's not his style. He doesn't advertise in 225, on billboards, or anywhere else - for the most part, it's all word of mouth. If you knew him, you'd know he's much too chill for that. That's why we love him - he has the skills of the best, but the attitude of the quintessential guy next door - if you happen to live in SOHO in a studio apartment at $3000/month.

Hands down - Gaudet Bros. is one of the best kept secrets in Baton Rouge. For more information, please check out Gaudet Brothers on Facebook - or click here.

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