Mended Furniture - Bedside Tables

Good morning, Mended Nesters! I am pleased to bring you the newest set of furniture I repainted and reknobbed (clearly not a word considering autocorrect tried to change it to "reckoned"). How typical is it that I don't have any "before" pictures? Either way - I hope you like the end product. Christine, this super skinny and cute lawyer, dropped these off a few weeks ago, and unfortunately I'm JUST finishing them. I've been slammed with other furniture projects, not to mention these pieces took a while, themselves.

I started my mixing Provence and Arles (Annie Sloan) to create this custom green. Originally, it looked a little minty, but after adding a water/French Linen mixture then a water/Old White mixture, the green was toned down just enough. I'm so pleased with the final color. In fact, I'm going to try to match it when I start working on these little wooden filing cabinets for our office. Also, if you look closely, you can see a hint of gold leafing. Per Christine's request, I added this at the last minute using this incredible gold leafing wax. At first it looked a little gaudy, but after sanding it down a little it came out great.

We want you!! Please email us at TheMendedNest@gmail.com to get a quote for something you'd like me to repaint for you! Also, be looking out because we have a few items that'll be coming up for sale soon!

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  1. Have to read back into archives for more on your ASCP + water technique. I'm hooked on these complex greens you produce.