Christmas at the Caragliano's (Jeri's Corner)

Hello! How was your Christmas? I hope everyone had a great time! As Beau and I were driving home from Lake Charlesl last night, crawling through 3 hours of traffic, we both agreed that this was one of our best Christmases ever. In years past, Beau and I always separated for Holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc., but this year, we decided it was time to stick together and split them up between families. Since my parents got Thanksgiving, we visited Beau's families for Christmas. However, because Beau's very pregnant sister, Laurel, is in New Orleans (which is where his mom and stepdad spent Christmas), I was able to sneak in one night on the Northshore at Jeri and Frank's before heading to the Jenkin's (Beau's sister's family).

We got into Covington Thursday night and left Friday afternoon, so it was a very brief visit, but a great one none the less. We all sat around in the living room (MawMaw included) chatting, laughing, sipping on wine, and enjoying a delicious creamy salsa soup with fresh avocado and cilantro on top. (Recipe coming soon!) Afterwards, we exchanged presents and then sat down for a lasagna supper. Jeri and Frank did a good job this year! Beau and I loaded up on some much needed goodies, but the two gifts in the pictures above I thought were so cute that I couldn't help but share: a little mended nest complete with a tiny "duck egg blue" egg that Jeri picked up from a shop on Lee Lane - Best. Street. In. Covington. She also gave us another cute nest with a little bird candle. Instant obsessions with both, and they're already in our new office!

Jeri's corner time: all around the house were these small arrangements filled with tree trimmings, red berries, and leaves from various plants and trees around the yard creating these mini homemade Christmas bouquets. Where she finds the time, I'll never know, but I'm glad she does because I secretly look forward to these little guys all year. I've never seen her do this, but this year she stepped it up: she took a large vase, filled it with water and trimmings from their tree, wrapped it with burlap, and created a DIY dining room table centerpiece! Jeri's funny: she'll decorate for Fall, but not Halloween, Easter, but no bunny, and Christmas, but no Santa. I love that. This is NOT a blanket statement, but a lot of the Santa decorations tend to be cheesy and not cute. Jeri will decorate with tree trimmings, angels, mangers, and other various DIY decorations and keeps the tacky out of Christmas. I want to be JUST like her!


  1. I love all these decorations....so, elegantly and tastefully done..Nature..love it!The ones you showed us and the ones you mentioned. But, Matthew, it's okay to have a little tacky (that's what I call it, too) because we are all different in our taste and in what brings a smile to our and our loved ones' faces:)For me,one of those "tacky" things is my Christmas moose that sits by my back door with one arm over his eyes as if he is saying, please just let me sleep...or something like that. Kinda like I feel after the holidays are over:)He just makes me smile. Glad you and Beau had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Now I feel awful!! Certainly I don't mean anything I do is superior - lots of people would look at what I posted and hate it! How was everything with your family? I plan on seeing Shelby before see leaves...maybe see you, too?!

  3. I didn't intend on making you feel awful!! I'm sorry if I did. I love all your "stuff"--:) Really, I do. I just had to let you know about my some of my tacky...You would cringe if you saw Cliff's light display in our yard!! HaHa. Everything is good with our family. It's been great having Shelby home for the holidays even though she's in and out, a lot. Take care and don't feel bad!!!!