Isabel is 3!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is trying to stay positive about this upcoming work week...or is that just me? Especially the great weekend part. For one, Beau's parents and grandmother were in town for his niece, Isabel's 3rd birthday, so we got a chance to visit with them for a majority of the weekend. In fact, Grams got to sleep on our sofa bed we have in our new office (post coming soon!) In my family, on my mom's side (which has all of the grandkids living in one city) has only one granddaughter out of 9 grandkids, so I'm not used to little girl birthdays at ALL. Well - they are hilarious.

Laurel, Beau's very pregnant (yet somehow still thin and as always beautiful) sister hosted Isabel's party at La Petite Tea Room in Metairie, LA and it was so cute! If you have a young daughter, I cannot recommend this place enough. The girls seemed like they had the time of their lived dressing up as their favorite princess, dancing to fun music, decorating their own picture frame, walking in a "fairy princess" fashion show, as (of course) having tea (apple juice) and cake!

For more pictures from the party, visit JenkinsFamilyJourney@blogspot.com!

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