The Tourist Club

Let me just say that after every weekend, I love San Francisco SO much more. After nearly a year of hibernation, I drove down to San Jose to pick up Annie Sloan's paints and waxes so I can start DIYing again (see tomorrow's post). On top of that, Korey introduced to to the beeeest burrito place...like ever. And finally, what brings me to this post is my "something new" for the week.

With mimosas in hand, Matt, Adam, Adam's friend, Lisa, and I drove past the Golden Gate Bridge and into Muir Woods. After driving through the mountains with with literally million dollar views and then parking, we walked down major hills to this supposed German "beer garden". Just as we were convinced we were given wrong directions by man washing his Subaru after walking past a few...folks (that I'm convinced were extras from The Hills Have Eyes), we turned a corner and started to hear the buzzing of people. When we finally walked up, I even better than I expected.

Tons of people sitting around, enjoying the sun, loving life, and drinking pitchers and pitchers of beer. By what they were wearing, it was obvious that most had hiked there, some had driven like us, and ONE (Lisa) obviously had never been as she was in heels. After buying a few pitchers, we found a spot to sit, Adam somehow came across a guitar, and we drank, laughed, and sang as Adam played acoustic versions of some of the gayest songs ever: Born this Way, Call your Girlfriend, and Lights. Basically amazing.



Here's a picture of the inside of a tulip that I took. Literally there's no real relevance or significance...other than it's an awesome picture that I took. BYE. #happyfriday



Now that it's starting to get a little warmer, I figured I could squeeze out one more winter look. (Until SF Summer when it's cold again.)
Pea Coat: Levi's
Jeans: Levi's 511 (Black)
Shoes: Nike 
Shirt: Ben Sherman (Gray)
Glasses: Ray-Ban Aviator 


Cousin Weekend

Kristi, my crazy cousin from New Orleans (going to PT school in San Diego) visited me this past Thursday to Monday...and I'm still recovering.

Literally from Thursday to Sunday, we did nothing but binge drink (classy...or should I say klassy?). The only thing that really changed was the scenery. Whether we were in bars in Northbeach, Dolores Park soaking up the beautiful CA sun, hanging out at Pier 23, or at friends' (crazy-sick) houses, Kristi for sure brought the pAArty. I mean...those places and a strip club* Honestly, I'm surprised I got around to showing her any of the SF attractions (like the Painted Ladies above).

*Yes, The Gold Club has a Friday $4.99 fried chicken lunch buffet special. Why would I NOT take her  there with a few of our friends? 

Since she's been living in San Diego for so long, she was under the impression that rompers or flouncy shirts, or summer dresses...all with high heels ("but they're wedges!")  would suffice anywhere in California. No, no, no. Literally, it's always cold here at night, especially near the Panhandle, where I live. And good luck walking EVERYwhere in heels. #notthativetried

I think she had a great time, as I and my friends did. I basically had to peel her away from a party Sunday night...so she wouldn't sleep through her shuttle pick up time of 3:30am Monday morning. All in all, I'd say it was a successful cousin weekend!


TMN STYLE: Dolores Day

Perfect for windy, warmer weather.

JEANS: Levi's 511
SHOES: Asics
TANK: Topman
SHIRT: Levi's


TMN STYLE: Laundry Day

Shirt: J.Crew
Jacket: Levi's
Undershirt: J.Crew
Jeans: Nudies
Shoes: Asics
Glasses: Ray-Ban Meteor


TMN STYLE: Spring Shorts


Short: J.Crew Stanton
Shirt: Levi's
Shoes: Clark's
Socks: Club Monaco
Bag: Fossil
Glasses: Ray-Ban Meteor


"Buck Wild" Swamp Party


Okay - this past Saturday, I went to one of the most epic parties ever: A Buck Wild Swamp themed birthday. Obviously I fit right in and for the first time since moving here, I got a little taste of home. Obviously I'm being a little dramatic. It's not like in Louisiana I ever wore camo (oh wait) or worked on an alligator farm (of wait) or would bring trashy canned beer to parties (oh wait)...

Either way, it was too much fun. The weather was a little blah but as far as I'm concerned it was totally in line with the theme. Honestly, it really was so much fun. I love love love themed parties - especially ones where I can look like an ass!


Downtown SF

Friday, I had to meet someone downtown to collect some documents for work, and for the first time since moving here I got to experience downtown San Francisco on a week day. As you know, I normally take the EA shuttle to Redwood City to EA's main west coast head quarters. The shuttle that I take picks me up in the Mission and jumps directly on the 101 from there so I never even pass through downtown. It was fun and refreshing to see the hustle and bustle of a major city. For some, it causes anxiety and stress, but when I was down there I felt like I'm in my element. I love SF.


TMN STYLE: #layerrealness

Obviously I love a good layer...or four. It's such an easy way to dress up OR down an outfit. For example, adding a blazer over a tee and a hoodie dresses the look up while adding a jean shirt and a vintage vest can dress down a button up and tie. Luckily, I live in San Francisco where layers are literally acceptable all year long because of the cool climate. #nailedit #layerrealness.


TMN STYLE: "So San Francisco"


Umm - basically the best compliment ever.

This past weekend, I met a few friends at Delores park to enjoy the afternoon sun. When I got there on my bike, one of them said I looked "very SF". With cuffed jeans, a casual shirt, and bike, and backpack (oh and helmet...sex-ay) I guess I kind of did.

To me, SF style is easy, transitional (always prepared for cool weather), and comfortable. In my bag, I had a scarf and a puff vest. You'd be surprised how quickly it can turn from beautiful to cold cold cold.

PS: This is The Haight, my neighborhood. IN LOVE


Sat. with Kat

This past Saturday, I finally got a chance to catch up with Kat, one of my closest friends in the city. Since she  decided to go back to school, I feel like I never get to see her so this weekend we made sure to have a girls day.

Per usual, she picked me up in her Mini and we drove straight to Philz for two large Teroras. After deciding on a place to eat, we drove over to 17th and Valencia to one of my (new) favorite brunch spots: Fritz. After inhaling The Louvre...and she got an effing salad, we decided to go out to West Portal so Kat could get her nails done - an experience like I've never seen. Like - I don't think it's healthy do endure so much acetone, UV light, alcohol, clipping and scrubbing. I mean - it looked a little painful.

After that, we walked over to a super cute optical shop where we met Monty, quite possibly the cutest/sweetest Frenchie I'v ever met. He was so warm and snuggly. UGH! Love. #amigettingafrenchie? #bestdayever