Dreaming of a White (Chicago) Christmas

As it's humid and roughly 76 degrees today in good 'old BR, LA (in December!!), I can't help but let a little nostalgia set in as I reminisce on our 2010 Chicago Christmas/New Year's trip. To catch you up to speed, Beau and I are both completely infatuated with Chicago - especially in winter. Negative degrees, muddy snow, and layer upon layer upon layer? Yes, please!! I am completely over short sleeves and shorts in December. It feels like it sucks the Christmas spirit out of everyone. Too much?

There's just something about a city like Chicago that makes me feel alive, independent, and unstoppable. It seems it's full of endless possibilities, with fun and excitement around every corner. Our plan was to move immediately after I graduated college in 2009, but life had a different plan for us. Since that time, Beau and I both landed incredible jobs, we bought a house, and brought a new love into our lives (Cooper). Furthermore, we're within close driving distance to our families - something I feel we wouldn't realize how special utis until we didn't have it.

I'm certainly happy with how our life is unfolding, and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Howver, every time I look back on these Chicago pictures, I can't help but wonder - what if?

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