Cycle City

One of the things I'm excited about since moving here is riding bikes everywhere. I ride to the Caltrain and take that from San Francisco to Redwood Shores where I work. At that stop, I ride a mile or so to the campus. Truth be told, it's also a little intoxicating for me to be able to go out and spend a bunch of "justified" money. You know, when you explain to your friends and family: "I mean, y'all. I just needed it. Like - EVERYone here has one/does it/needs it/wears it/spends that much".

Last night, after 2 hours of deliberating and listening to Noelle's, the very helpful worker at Sports Basement, advice (I feel like we're on a first name basis after all the time we spent together) I finally chose an urban friendly (but versatile) bike: the Jamis' Coda Comp. I knew I didn't want anything obnoxious and flashy, I didn't need to go 100 mph, I'm not taking it up mountains, I'm not carrying cargo, and I'm not doing flips off of ramps. Just simple. It was a little pricey (especially when you factor in helmet, lights, and lock - all necessary) but I mean, y'all. I just needed it. It's basically how everyone gets around in the city.

Quick story - I bought it last night and was SUPER excited to ride it home. Slight situation - my Google map wasn't working so I was relying on HopStop and the iPhone map to guide me there. Both less than ideal. So please try to picture me lost in the city with my duffle bag (unzipped so it would fit around my shoulders so I could wear it like a back pack) at 11:00pm. I got off at the wrong train stop so I was super turned around and confused. Being flustered, I dropped my phone twice with luckily no damage, the wind was almost blowing me over, and I ripped the pocket of my favorite J. Crew vest! All of this...in the rain. Like..heavy rain. This is why I drink. Well - add to the reasons why I drink.


Matthew, Party for One

I've always had this fantasy of moving to a big city, knowing basically no one, where I can dine and go to movies and whatnot alone. I'm obviously very social and I love my friends more than anything, but sometimes it's refreshing to do things solo.

The other night, I had a date with one of my favorite people: me. I went to a little restaurant called Slider Bar located in The Castro, the gay district (or the gayest I guess). After enjoying the Club Med, D Lux, and Hot Chick, I was pretty damn full. Okay - I had a few beers and side of fries, too. Don't judge!

After I paid my bill and rolled out (I don't mean in a cool black way; I mean in a fat ass way) I decided to take a little stroll to burn off some calories (because clearly burning off 40 calories by walking for 30 minutes totally justifies the 2000 I ate). By happenstance (or possibly because I had seen it there earlier) I walked past a Creme Brulee truck. OMG. Amazeing. Delicious. Cellulite!

There were several flavors but I stuck with plain old Vanilla Bean - why not start with the original. As I sat outside with the "Brothers and Sisters" lights above my head enjoying French music lightly playing in the background (yes there really was French music) I realized: this is what life is all about. It was so romantic and peaceful and just...nice. Then I was mildly accosted by a homeless person (they're everywhere) and I was brought back to reality. Still lovely though.


My New Car!!

Isn't it cute?!

Okay not really. I don't even know whose car that is. However - it brings me to the topic of transportation. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but it took me three hours to get to work today and two hours to get home. Well - I know on the way there, I messed up, took the wrong Caltrain (that didn't stop at my stop) so I had to back track. By that point I had missed the EA shuttle so I had to walk the 1.5ish miles to work. At least I live where you couldn't ask for better weather. But like...no offense...but why did it take 2 hours to get home?! I really have no idea. I mean - I think I did everything right. Oh well. #mylifemydecisions

Bottom line - I'm buying a bike tomorrow. Public transportation is no where even close to as reliable as it is in NYC and I don't have the luxury of a vehicle like I did in Baton Rouge. I'm sure it won't be too fun in the rain, but I think on most days it'll be really nice. IDK. I'm looking forward to it. If that doesn't work then Vespa it is.


Back to Work

Not too shabby, right?

Starting today, I'm the newest Client Services Coordinator for PRO Unlimited onsite at Electronic Arts. To explain, I'm employed by PRO, a global contingent workforce management/HR consulting firm based out of the Bay area. We have clients all over the world including Blackrock, Goldman Sachs, Nike, E&Y, and my client: Electronic Arts (as in - "It's in the Game") Long story short, I was the CSC onsite in Baton Rouge for about three years until I submitted my resignation to move to NYC. Well...through unusual circumstances and over a very short period of time, I've found my way back to PRO @ EA. However, the facility where I now work in CA is a slight upgrade from the campus in Baton Rouge. (and by "slight upgrade" I mean the difference between Chicago winter temperature...and the surface of the sun)


California Boy

I'm here!

After spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with family in Covington and catching up with my best friends in Baton Rouge, I (once again) boarded a plane en route to my next destination: San Francisco. It's weird but I guess safe to say that this is home...at least for the next few years. Starting Tuesday, I'll be working south of the city in Redwood Shores onsite at EA's headquarters. So far, public transportation has been a little trickier than NYC, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon...especially since I'll be taking the BART, Muni, and Caltrain to work...everyday...

Regardless - it's a wonderful city. The weather is unbeatable and I'll be in better shape than ever...even if I don't want to be. With all the hills, it's like a built in stair master...everywhere. Please keep reading to see all of my future SF adventures (including apartment shopping, new logos, and much more).

PS - that outfit? I wasn't anticipating a photo op and none of my clothes have arrived. #don'tjudge #notafashionpost


JFK ---> SFO

Yes. I'm moving. Again.

Not long ago, I packed my bags, said goodbye to Baton Rouge as I headed off to NYC. I fell in love with the city and I knew from the second I stepped off the plane that I was where I was meant to be. No question.

After about 2 months in the city, I received the call from a former employer with an amazing job offer. The only problem is that it's 2,905.5 miles away...in San Francisco. After much deliberation, I decided that the best thing to do at this point in my life was to move. I came to the conclusion that NYC isn't going anywhere and I can always come back if SF doesn't work out. 

Regardless, my bags are once again packed and ready to go. My oh my.


St. John's Wood

This is the name of the ultra bougie neighborhood where I spent a lot of time over the trip. I did a little research on the town located in the NW corner of London and discovered it is or has been home to some pretty exciting people: Sir Richard Branson, Paul McCartney, Ewen McGregor, and Kate Moss. Oh - and Abbey Road Studios! Ryan, who is from the UK owns a gorgeous flat (I guess flat would be the correct term?) here so over the course of our trip it was our home base.

I'm focusing so much on this because yesterday I mentioned that my trip was super relaxing. This neighborhood had a large part in that. The quiet streets allowed me to sleep in as late as I wanted (and there's nothing nicer than waking up to sunlight from a huge bay window vs. Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" (yes, it was my ring tone). Then, before my day began, I would bundle up and wander the beautiful streets of St. John's Wood in search of a perfect latte and a warm croissant to pair with it. After a hot shower, our day would begin and we would take the tube into central London. Then - the crazy fun began. See tomorrow's post...

PS - some of the pictures are from the inside of Ryan's home - which was basically exactly my style. Simple. White. Chic.


A Much Needed London

Well I'm back home in NYC, and as I was reviewing pictures from the trip (trying to select which ones to use in my post this morning) I realized how quick it all went. Some of the pictures are from my very first day there, but they feel like they were taken just yesterday. With that said, In my one week there, I had a chance to strengthen friendships, visit/bond with family, and was able to recharge my battery. My friends joke saying that I basically took a vacation from a vacation as I'm not exactly working, but the truth is - NYC has been stressful and really not so easy. This (London) was exactly what I needed.

The pictures above are really just some random pics from the city. Later in the week, I'll post about more specific events: my friend, Andre's birthday, two different areas, Tooting and St. John's Wood, as well as family and (of course) the Queen.


London Calling

I'm off to London!

I was graciously invited to London by...someone and I'm leaving TODAY! It's going to be a fantastic trip. We're going with a few friends from NYC and we'll be staying about a week. Well...some of us will. Ryan (okay I said his name) will be there for the week for work then off to Zurich the following week. I was invited, but I get to go to a wedding in Memphis, TN. I win.

I think I'll be able to post from there...right? IDK. If so, get ready for tomorow's fashion post. If not...see you when I get back!



OMG this place is so good!

My neighborhood, TriBeCa (the Triangle Below Canal Street) is such a beautiful area filled with cobblestone roads, cute families, beautiful buildings, and some of the best restaurants in the city. With all of them in walking distance, I've been loving picking a new place for brunch/lunch/dinner almost everyday.

Right before Hurricane Sandy, my friend, Tony, came in for his birthday so the morning of, we went to this great little restaurant that I've run past every morning called Sarabeth's. Knowing that I was going to be eating a heavy lunch and dinner, I opted for a lighter option of hot porridge with fresh fruit and honey and a vanilla latte. It was a little pricy for what I got, but I know I'll be back. It's like an all white restaurant with huge windows and beautiful flower arrangements literally draws me in and I can't escape.


Central Park

Are these pictures too much? I'll answer that...yes. Like - I have to squint to look at them because they're so bright. I got a little carried away with my new photo app...

Well obviously Fall is HERE! I'm so excited. The hurricane kept the water a little warm here, but now that that's over you can now feel the cold crisp air. So where better to enjoy it than Central Park? I don't come to this part of the city too, too often, but I took these when I brought friends, Tony and Brennan when they were in right before the storm. We had so much fun while they were in and it was quite unfortunate when Sandy sent them packing early. Looks like I need another visitor to go to the park with...


Am I Blair?

Blair Eadie is a blogger/fashionista who owns the blog, Atlantic-Pacific. Her blog was introduced to me by Krystal from APoL who is equally as obsessed. (FYI - props to Krystal for updating my logo. Are you as obsessed as I am??) I'm super inspired by Blair's blog, specifically the photography and (of course) her overall style. I don't know who takes her pictures, but it's one of the many questions that I'll ask her when I meet her for coffee. Oh yes - I decided to email to say I was moving to the city and that I wanted to meet up. She was super sweet and emailed back saying that that sounded great. Clearly I CANNOT wait.

Regardless - I'm inspired by her blog to step mine up as best I can. Here, I paired my favorite skinny Levi's with a plaid J.Crew shirt, J.Crew sweater, and a hand-me-down Land's End blazer that I had tailored a few years ago. The shoes are Eastland that I got super cheap here and the scarf I got on a random afternoon in the French Quarter. Glasses are these. Enjoy!