Am I a Vegetarian?

The answer is no. BUT I am making a conscious effort to eat less meat. Honestly, I really don't eat too much red meat, but I was eating chicken twice a day which, after a while, got old. So as a challenge to myself, I'm cutting all that out - at least for a while. So what's for dinner these days? Pan seared tofu and peaches, and fresh avocado. Literally - SO GOOD.


Stinson Beach

Saturday morning, I was just in the middle of saying that I'll never drink again when some friends texted saying we're going to Stinson beach for the day. #getinloserweregoingshopping After squeezing into the car, it was windows down, Gay Top 40 blasting (and a few show tunes and Disney, obviously), and enjoying the stunning views along the drive. It was everything.

Activities included: throwing the frisbee, playing football, basket tossing each other into the ocean (yep), playing cards, scaling rocks while managing to hold on to our wine because we're professional alcoholics, buying more wine, and swan diving into waves. 


Run with a View

Well it's been a while. What's new? Everything. San Francisco has continued to treat me well. It seems like every weekend gets better than the last. Trips to the Russian River, Penthouse watching, Napa visits, and meeting/getting closer to some of the best people I've ever met. Per usual, one of the things I make a point to do every weekend is go on a 5+ mile run and explore different parts of the city. Recently, I've been loving my runs in Noe, Cole Valley, and Hayes Valley. They're much more quaint/family oriented than Castro or The Mission (especially Noe). This picture is from on my favorite spots to stop and take a breather. I need it almost every time as I have to go up (what seems like) a million miles of obnoxiously steep hills to get there.