About Me


Thanks for stopping by The Mended Nest! My name is Matthew Caragliano, and I'm from New Orleans, LA. Okay...I'm from Covington, but close enough. From 2005 to 2011, I lived in Baton Rouge where I attended Louisiana State University and later started my career in Human Resources. I owned a super cute house in the Capital Heights neighborhood (my nest) with my two great danes, Duke and Cooper, where I worked on small DIY projects, cooked tons of meals, and refinished furniture using Annie Sloan's paints and waxes (documenting every step of the way).

in 2011,  I made the most irrational/best decision of my life. I packed everything up and moved to NYC. No job. Barely any friends. Just a temporary place to live. It was everything. After just a few short months of bliss, I was approached about a job in San Francisco. Since I wasn't exactly working in NYC, it seemed like the best decision. Now, just over a year in SF, I know it was absolutely the right move. I am in absolute love with this city and the friends I have made here. I literally could not be happier. After a year of apartment hopping trying to fine a home, I've finally landed a dream apartment in the Lower Haight where I am once again reunited with Annie Sloan projects, cooking, and DIY projects. That coupled with things I love about this city, you can expect tons of posts to come. Enjoy!