We Will be Boarding Shortly...

Danes update! Yesterday, I loaded up the danes it my little Jeep and drove off to the vet for a last minute visit so both Duke and Cooper could get their bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine. Beau and I will literally be traveling all across southern Louisiana for Christmas, and there's no possible way we could bring two great danes to my parent's, his sister's, and then to his parents. With that said, we (very sadly) have to board them for a few days over the holidays. I feel TERRIBLE, but we don't have a choice.

Either way, the vet visit was a hot mess. Clearly, half of Baton Rouge had the same idea as us because the vet waiting room was packed. Worst of all, I was that person with the bad dogs! Duke was okay...sort of, but Cooper was terrible! Literally, he non-stop barked and shrilly whined from the moment we got in until the moment we left. My arms are sore from them pulling on my leashed trying to play with other dogs. Omg, I was so embarrassed. They're lucky I love them!

My favorite part of a vet visit - weight in time. This time around, Duke stayed about the same - just under 150, but Cooper grew tons - he's now weighing in at 120 at just 10 months old! He's going to be huge, and I can't wait!!

PS - please excuse our floors in these pictures. Things have been INSANE at The Mended Nest with last minuted holiday orders.

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