Cheap and easy: Two of my favorite adjectives...for food. With Beau's freelance keeping him busy at least three hours every night, and my Mended Furniture projects taking up most of my time, we're finding less and less time for food and more and more excuses to order out. Both for the waist and wallet, this is doing wonders, so I've been trying different recipes that won't take forever to cook, and that are cheap and that don't come frozen. In this particular case, I tried to spice things up with chicken fajitas!

1. Season and bake the chicken breasts (~20 minutes at 400 degrees)
2. While chicken is cooking, season and sauté white onions and bell pepper, allowing the onions to brown and soften (season with salt and pepper and a little Tony's. OR add taco seasoning - it gives it a big 'ole kick)
3. When ready to serve, heat up tortillas, add light sour cream, the chicken, and the veggies
4. Before wrapping the tortillas, toss on a touch of your favorite salsa.
5. Enjoy those chicken fajitas!!

I love this because the whole meal only takes about 20 minutes (the time it takes the chicken to bake). Everything else can be completed white it's already in the oven. Also, clean up is a breeze, too. Just get your maid to do it...and by maid I mean you. Cheers!

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