Fall Decor Ideas

October is finally here, and it couldn't come with a better present: cooler temperatures and beautiful sunshine! For those who don't know, I cannot stand hot, humid, and overcast Louisiana muggy days. Fortunately for me, there are only about 8 months out of the year when it's like this...cough. I can't even talk about it. All I care about is that I wore a sweater to walk the dogs over the weekend and this morning, and I was able to leave all the windows open in my house allowing the cool breeze blow through. Ahh...bliss.

I'm in a good mood from not sweating, football season is upon us, and Christmas decorations are in the stores...this can mean only one thing: Fall has arrived!! This may have to be my favorite season for so many reasons: Enjoying the weather on the front porch with a glass bottle of Pinot Noir, scarves and clothing with earth tone palates, and changing and falling leaves. On top of all of this, Fall marks the beginning of dinner party season! Seriously - Beau and I basically have every single weekend booked until March.

I got a little carried away with all this Fall season talk, so sorry for JUST getting to my point: Fall decor. This is my motto: we can decorate for Fall, not Halloween. Nothing against the holiday, and if you like it, go for it! I just find it extremely challenging to find any chic Halloween decorations. Not even Pottery Barn can do it for me. To keep the earthy, organic feel that I inherently get from fall, we like to use nature-inspired decor. If I'm going to use pumpkins, I'm going to use real pumpkins. I don't care for fake, "plasicy", faux pumpkins. Why do that when you can go anywhere (even Walmart) and buy a few real pumpkins. They're only cost between $1 to $5, and you can just toss them when you bust out the Christmas decor...no storing required! Now the twig pumpkins above are a little different. They're still made from natural materials and are not a substitution for the real deal. Another recommendation: keep it simple. Keeping it simple keeps it classy and chic without getting hoaky and cluttered. 

Some other ideas: We changed out the split peas for red beans to use as a centerpiece for the table, and placed dried corn with the husks in a rectangular glass bowl and used as a centerpiece on a table. Hope this helps. Feel free to email us (themendednest@gmail.com) if you have any questions or suggestions!

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  1. The weather is amazing right now, and the perfect time to change the energy in the house! Earthy tones are my favorite.