Wedding Recap - Jimmy and Katherine!

As I mention in Monday's post, Beau and I traveled to his hometown of Lake Charles, LA in order to attend his cousin, Katherine and her husband, Jimmy's wedding. In true Moss (Beau's dad's family) fashion, the whole weekend was quite an event in all the right ways. Since Beau sang in the wedding, on Friday night we were invited to the rehearsal dinner held at the Pioneer Club in downtown Lake Charles. The Moss family is pretty big (not in lbs. but in quantity), but Jimmy's family is even bigger. He's one of thirteen...yes thirteen children, so you can imagine how man people were there. The company, the food, and the wine were out of control, so needless to say we had a great time, but the weekend fun didn't stop there...

The wedding was held on Saturday evening at the stunning Immaculate Conception Cathedral. The church, the bridal party, the music, and especially the bride were all beyond words. Katherine looked so happy and beautiful, and it was so refreshing to see some flattering bridesmaids' dresses for once! After the ceremony, the tears dried up and the real fun began at the reception held at the Country Club on the other side of town. It. Was. Amazing. From what I understand, trees with changing leaves were flown in from other parts of the country, and Katherine's dad, an architect, even built a custom bar! And the food...omg the food. DELICIOUS! Obviously beer and wine were served, but Katherine and Jimmy also had their signature "his and her" drinks as well. The night carried on with eating, dancing, laughing, and an all around great time was had my all. It's so fun to hang out with his family. They're all crazy-fun and easy going. However, let me just say that I have honestly never been as hung over as I was that next day in my entire life. Well worth the headache, though. I CAN say that much.

The only thing that I regret is not getting more picture from the reception. It was dark in the space, and it made it difficult to get good shots. Hopefully you can get an idea of how beautiful it was!

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