Mended Furniture

Since submitting my resignation at Hello Sushi, my evenings have opened up and allow me to focus on more creative endeavors and DIY projects around the house. As part of the original scope of services we had in mind when creating The Mended Nest, llc, Beau and I now (finally) have the time to offer furniture repainting/refinishing (using the Annie Sloan paint) as part of our repertoire of products. Remember, we also offer custom invitations, announcements, holiday cards, pre-made stationary, etc...PERFECT for this upcoming holiday season!

We will be posting and selling furniture that we've 
purchased from thrift and antique stores or garage sales and then refinished. However, if you have a piece that you'd like repainted, please let us know! Send us a few pictures to themendednest@gmail.com, and we can give you a quote. We'll mostly be using Annie Sloan paint because it's easy to create a vintage, antiqued, French-country look (that I wish my entire house looked like). Just click on the link in the previous sentence, and you can choose whichever color(s) you like for your furniture! Also, you'll have you choice of wax colors (depending on how you'd like the finished product to turn out). Hope to hear from you soon, and keep reading later posts to see what we're working on!


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  2. Matthew- I am interested in getting a price quote for a piece of furniture that I may buy from a consignment store. I have pictures and measurements for you. Should I email them to you? I spoke with Beau {through email} and he said to contact you. Thank you! Katie B.


  3. Hi Katie!

    I apologize for just responding to this - I didn't see that you posted a comment. I'd LOVE to help you out - please send some pictures! Feel free to email them to themendednest@gmail.com! Talk to you soon!