Men's Fashion: Fall Threads

As I've pointed out in basically every post this week, Fall is here, and I couldn't be happier. There are so, so many things I love about the season - mostly the weather...and for two main reasons: 1) because the heat and humidity doesn't hit me like a ton of bricks every time I walk out the house, and 2) there's no season I love more (in terms of fashion and style) than Fall! I (sadly) get really excited when it's time to pull out all of our cardigans, sweaters/pullovers/hoodies, scarves, and boots. It's like Fall Christmas! I'm also a layering fiend, so anytime I can get three layers on I'm in my happy place!

Based on the picture above, this is a perfect Jean Friday then-off-to-grab-a-drink-with-a-few-friends-at-happy-hour outfit because it's classic and simple, but has enough punch to still be interesting. Start by grabbing a loud/fun (yet not over the top) button up shirt. You can easily tone it down by throwing on a muted sweater or pullover over the shirt. To keep you looking a little more professional, finish with a vintage tweed/twill blazer. My suggestion: rummage through your local thrift and vintage stores. You'd be surprised what a little digging and a good taylor can do! 

As for the bottom, I suggest a simple slim-fit (NOT skin tight) dark jean. (A darker jean is one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit.) Finally, to complete the ensemble, CUFF the jeans and wear with you favorite (because I'm sure you have several) pair of Chukka boots. You can find them pretty much anywhere now, but J.Crew and Johnston and Murphy both have great selections.

I hope you guys try this idea! (Matt - I can't wait to hear how much you love this) most of the pieces above are excellent staple pieces and can be mixed and match in countless ways. Just make sure you have all the Fall essentials:

1. Dark slim fit denim
2. Muted pullover or sweater
3. Tweed/Twill Blazer
4. Chukka boot


  1. I will have to show this post to my fiancee. He thinks it's perfectly acceptable to wear a guys hoodies with his college mascot on it to go out for drinks. Maybe he'll get the hint he needs to work on his sense of style.

  2. Haha! I love how you created a link. That's awesome! And it's funny, I actually wore this exact outfit on Dec. 6th when you posted this...different shirt, though.