Tyler Candle Co.

Since moving into our house, Beau and I have been working very hard to keep that I-own-huge-dogs-and-have-given-up-on-cleaning look and smell out of our house. I have to admit, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and say, "Screw it!" However, since Beau basically has a nervous breakdown if the house isn't immaculate, we literally clean almost every single day. So while we're battling the dirty floors, we let Tyler handle the odor.

Tyler candles have become my favorite candle company EVER. There are roughly a million scents to choose from, and I've only found a few that I don't love. They last forever, and are great for pet owners (like us) who want to really mask that pet smell. (I feel like I should say - we do NOT have a smelly house whatsoever. However, with two big dogs, it's never going to be perfect) Anyway, our favorite scents are Paris, Tyler, and Original, but I know other people swear by French Market and Wisteria Lane. Check them out! I know locally in Baton Rouge, you can find these candles at The Royal Standard, Earthly Concerns, and in the Mall of Louisiana.

Note: These candles smell great, and they look fantastic, too. The colors of the waxes are very chic and sophisticated, so you really can use it as decoration, too. Does this sound like the Glade commercial with that faux-candle paper crap where you're supposed to use it as decor?! Ummm...no.


  1. Matt--I do like these candles, but they "smoke" a lot!!! Have you ever noticed? I love the candles at Fresh Market--"Root" candles--soy. Every drop burns--I love them. And, they have lots of good scents, too. My favorite is Ginger Patchouli (all year round) and Pumpkin Spice for right now!! And, I know about the dog smells--let me tell you:)Just my 2 cents. Have a great weekend. It's going to be gorgeous.

  2. Tyler is by far my favorite candle company!! I have a nervous breakdown when I buy a candle that doesn't smell when I burn it...so Tyler is my go to. You can smell it throughout the house, but it's not too strong. They do "smoke" especially when you burn them out, but to help that just put the top on a burning candle and let it sit for a few minutes. My favorite is french market, but right now they have a seasonal one called Family Traditions that I'm burning right now! DELISH!