Talk to You in January

Well it's here, and I couldn't be happier. The middle of October marks the beginning of dinner parties, holiday gatherings, and wedding season, and this year it seems we're busier than ever. Obviously, this is no complaint - although sometimes I feel Beau could go without all this, I live for it! I love having my upcoming weekends planned out: this weekend is our half-marathon then family gathering at my parents, next is Beau's cousin, Katherine's wedding, then it's already Halloween! Next month it's countless Thanksgiving parties, followed by a month of Christmas parties. Then it's already time to start planning for New Year's Eve! As I'm typing I'm getting more and more excited!

Don't worry (because I know you totally were) - Beau and I will walk you through every step making sure to include anything unique, interesting, yet relevant to this blog. I'm anticipating some elaborate dinner parties and some major eats! Let the festivities begin!

With all of this in mind, we hope that you consider The Mended Nest during this season. We offer services ranging from the following:

Custom invites
Save the Dates
Wedding Packets
Custom Birthday Cards
Graduation Announcements
Business Cards

Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend! (Also note: None of the above pictures were creations of The Mended Nest, although they're all beautiful!)

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