Brothers & Sisters Lights

Finally, after years of wanting them...and procrastinating, Beau and I finally purchased Brothers & Sisters string lights for our back porch! At our old house, we had a front porch, but we rarely took advantage of it - probably because it's usually too hot outside (unless you don't mind sweating). Well, our new house does not have a front porch and (go figure) I really wish I had one. Luckily, we do have a cute little side porch, but until recently, we did nothing with it. There was no seating and the dogs did a fine job of keeping it dirty. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Hello Sushi crew generously bought a super fancy grill for me as a parting gift when I submitted my resignation. Well, the grill is actually what sparked our quest to revamp our porch this weekend (turning from a boring walkway to the back yard into a picturesque, quaint seating area - perfect for entertaining and...drinking wine).

So far, we've only assembled the grill, hung the lights, and placed a few chairs out there, but it's made such a huge difference. A few nights ago, we had a few friends over, and it was SO nice. We have many, many more ideas in mind for our little side porch, but as always, you'll just have to keep reading...

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