Just a Little Something

Last night, Beau and I had one of out oldest and best friends, Ryan over for some
homemade pizzas to thank him for watching dogs this past weekend while we were at the wedding in Lake Charles. Poor Ryan - that weekend couldn't have gone more wrong (to NO fault of his own). Sunday morning when he came to let the dogs out, he realized that their barks weren't coming from their room, but from the front door. When he opened the door, his assumptions were realized...and then some. One of the dogs (I'm blaming Cooper) peed all over the floor twice at some point in the night! As you can imagine, it got everywhere since (I'm sure) both dogs ran through it and then walked all over the house. I literally laugh when I think about Ryan's face when we walked in to all of this. Poor thing. Of course, we wouldn't have know the difference if he hadn't told us. I think the floors were actually cleaner after he got done than they were when we left.

Of course, everything has been cleaned again and disinfected since, so it's really easy to laugh about it now. Regardless of how destructive the danes can be, we were going to have Ryan over to thank him for watching them while we were gone (like I said earlier). When he got here, he had with him a little bunch of flowers as a thank you and a sorry for the dogs...which was completely unnecessary. I've mentioned in previous posts that bringing a bottle of wine is an easy, good idea when someone invites you over (which he also did). However, I think flowers send an equally nice message. For me at least, just the though that someone went out of there way for something so considerate means a lot. I think this is a great idea - especially when someone has you over for the very first time. Even if it is "just a little something".

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