Breakfast is Ready!

Since this past weekend's LSU game was so early, we decided to skip tailgating just this once and instead stay home and cook a big breakfast (along with friends, Tont (Tony) and Mesty (Megan)). One of our game day traditions is peanut butter waffles, so it was surprising that these were not on the menu. Instead, we made veggie scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and biscuits with peanut butter and apple sauce. Oh yeah...you read that correctly...biscuits with peanut butter and apple sauce. Surprisingly, they were actually pretty good! Since the bacon and biscuits are pretty straight forward, I'm not going to share a "recipe", but I do want to share the scrambled eggs recipe with you guys...

Scrambled Eggs Veggie: (Serves 2)

- 4 large eggs
- 1/4 red onion chopped
- 4 stems of green onion
- 1/2 bell pepper
- 1 Roma tomato
- extra sharp cheddar (grated to desired cheesiness)
- salt and pepper...and a dash of Tony's

Cook until the eggs have reached the consistency you prefer. Just remember to add the cheese last because you don't want to burn it! Especially coupled with a few sides like bacon or biscuits, eggs are such an easy thing to cook for a large group of people. They're fast and generally pretty hard to mess up. Just remember to spray the pan first!

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