Weekend Wrap Up - Covington

Like I said in yesterday's post, Beau and I spend the weekend in Covington for the half marathon, but also because my whole extended family on my mom, Jeri's side got together at MawMaw's for a family meal. Quick backstory - MawMaw is Jeri's mom, and she is AMAZING. She's beautiful and classy yet hilarious, outgoing...and a drinker. I'm sure you didn't doubt, but not a hand-me-my-Budweiser-and-pack-of-Virginia-Slims kind of drinker. Just like Jeri, I don't know if she'd prefer anything over a glass of wine and a good book. (Maybe spending time with her grandchildren?) but she doesn't stop there. She'll be the first one to go meet you out for a Ramos Gin Fizz, Sazerac, or a martini (straight up) at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. In fact, Saturday afternoon, she called to let me know that she was tailgating at the LSU game with some of her girlfriends, and she was wondering where I was so we could meet up. Classic.

Before I get into MawMaw's, I have to give a shout-out to my Uncle John (Jeri's sister, Bridget's husband). Beau and I met up there with my and his family to watch a US soccer game and eat some of the most delicious burgers I've ever eaten (prepared by John). PS - there's not much I'd rather do on a Saturday afternoon than attend a cookout with my family. Pics need a little work because it was dark, but I'll be sharing them soon enough!

However, back to MawMaw's - along with countless appetizers that we made and brought, she prepared her famous Roast and Potatoes au Gratin (along with a side salad, and a sauteed green beans. This is a meal she'd prepare for Jeri, her brother, and two "sissies" (and of course PawPaw) when they were growing up. I've had it a million times and it gets better every single time. I'm laughing because as I'm typing this, I'm literally salivating - it's so good! I love getting together with everyone. I don't think there's one single time we've all gotten together where I haven't been in stitches the whole time from laughing. Coincidentally, next week is my cousin, Olivia's birthday, so we were all able to celebrate her turning a year older! My Aunt Jamie (Jeri's other sissy) prepared two desserts for the occasion, and they were DELICIOUS as always. Clearly, elastic waistbands will just be a part of my life...permanently.

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