Pumpkins and a Movie

This week, Beau and I (along with a few of our closest friends) had our annual Pumpkin Carving Party! Really, it's less of a "party" and more of a "bring a pumpkin, a little booze, and let's hang out" kind of thing, but either way, it's always a lot of fun. I was going to wait to post about this until Halloween day, but I thought writing about it before would give you enough time to do this, yourself...if it sounds fun to you. If you do (and especially for younger kids), try grabbing the pumpkin carving stencils, which you can pick up at any party/Halloween store, most grocery stores,...and Walmart if you dare. They make the process so much easier; most of them even come with a few pumpkin carving tools.

This year, we made plans to go see Paranormal Activity 3 to keep in line with the Halloween/scary theme. OMG, it was so fun, although not as good as the other movies in my opinion. If you haven't seen it (and you like scary movies), I highly recommend you go! About this weekend  - it's weird, this is the first year that a lot of our friends aren't going to dress up and go out to New Orleans or a local bar here, in Baton Rouge. I'm just not really in the mood to see casts of jersey shore, every outfit Lady Gaga every wore, or sexy police officers, firewomen, teachers, etc., etc., etc. We may just hang low, be fat and order pizza, watch some movies, drink a little (or a lot) of wine, and enjoy the company of our friends.

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