Save the Date!

We are pleased to announce that The Mended Nest is now open for business, and ready to create your personalized invitation, announcement, or stationary!

Our long time friend/former roommate, Elizabeth and her fiancé, Miles announced their engagement (YAY!) a few months ago, and she asked us to design all of her wedding print materials. The above "Save the Date" is the first of a series of announcements/invitations that we will design based on the input provided by Elizabeth and Miles.

Per Elizabeth and Miles' request, we created an outdoors-inspired rustic theme with main the colors including the following earth tones: eggplant, olive, and brown. Make sure to follow us as we design the rest of the announcements and formal invitations for their wedding!

For more information or to consult with the designers for your own personalized invitation, stationary, or announcement, please email us at themendednest@gmail.com!


  1. And you forgot to mention this design is a one of a kind, never to he duplicated! Kidding....kinda. On a serious note, I had so much fun working through all of our ideas with yall then letting you do your magic. Thank you for making our save the dates so special!

  2. Thank YOU for asking Beau to do it! We love you!