Men's Fashion: TOMS

Happy Friday! I'm excited about our second men's fashion post, which I've decided to dedicate to shoes. Since this is such a broad topic, we're going to focus specifically on one type: TOMS! If you're not aware, this company's slogan states that for every pair of TOMS 
bought, they will donate a pair to a child in need. Incredible, right?

Over the past two years, we've collected several pairs, and they have become our catch-all shoe option because they go with...well...just about everything. Try gingham or even burlap TOMS paired with a pair of gray skinny Levi's jeans (not too tight), a white v-neck, and a pair of Ray-Ban
Wayfarers, (a possibly a fedora!) and you've created a super easy, comfortable, and complete look that's great for going to class or studying at a coffee shop. You could also opt for the Cordones which are essentially TOMS with laces. For a informal outdoor wedding, try the Linen Pinstripe Cordones, nice jeans or casual slim fit light blue pants, white oxford, and a simple chambray tie from J.Crew. The look is sophisticated yet 

es offer a few different shoe options other than the classics and cordons, but you'll have to check them out online. I want to keep to those specifically for this post. Hopefully, you'll give them a try and love them! I really cannot express how much we love 
these shoes!
Update: I just became aware two days ago that TOMS is now selling sunglasses as well. I want need the Wayfarer style. In tortoise. NEED!


  1. What are your thoughts on FOMS?

  2. hmm...we LOVE! Maybe someone out there can blog about them...just saying :)