Reed Diffuser Flower Vase

Picture it: empty vodka, bourbon, or wine bottles lining the top of your freshman college apartment's kitchen cabinets. Do you remember? Are you guilty? Me, too...ahh those were the days. Well, this is similar...but not God-awful. Reusing old, unique, and cute (this part is essential) containers is definitely something we'd recommend for your home. The glass bottles in the pictures above were originally parts of reed diffusers. Once they were out, we didn't throw them away because we knew EXACTLY what we were going to use them for: flower vases!

Because of their
skinny and tall shape with a narrow mouth, these bottles are perfect for holding a single rose (which we can conveniently clip from our rose bush in the front yard). Also because of the shape of the bottle, they fit flawlessly on our kitchen window sill allowing me us to enjoy them while doing the dishes! We actually have three identical bottles that sit in a row right next to each other creating a clean uniformed look. However, you could also find or reuse a few mismatched containers to create a more fun and festive (almost Anthropologie) look.

Try them on smaller surfaces like: a beverage area at a party, a "sign-in" book at a wedding, window sills, bathroom sinks, end tables, kitchen islands or window sills, etc.

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