Men's Fashion: The Summer Work Shirt

Whether they wear jeans and tennis shoes or a full-on suit to work, I've noticed most men in Baton Rouge need to step it up a little in the attire department. I completely understand that most guys have their favorite pair of jeans (hopefully without a Skoal ring on the back pocket - deplorable) or pants from which they refuse to deviate. Don't even try. Other guys, in a more professional environment, have their three suits that they interchange relentlessly throughout the year. (Often times, the costs involved in the purchase of new suits is simply not even an option) The good news is that there's an easy solution to stepping up your game without breaking the bank OR giving up your precious jeans/pants/slacks...

Update your shirts, guys! Summer is here, and with it you should burn put away your mock turtlenecks and celebrate with a little gingham, pastel, tattersall...and occasionally the simple stripe. J.Crew in particular has some great options, especially since many of their shirts come in a lightweight material - perfect for the Louisiana temperatures. Another great benefit to J.Crew is that they have a little-known online Factory Store on the weekends! This is a great opportunity to get these great looks at a discounted price. (Oh please - it's not that much. Skip going out to eat ONCE, and you already have enough to buy a shirt that you can wear for years...unless those patterns go out of style. Then we're all screwed!)

The best thing about these shirts is that they can be dressed up or down:
   Option 1: Throw on a blue/white gingham shirt (unironed) with a pair of jeans and canvas Sperry's in a navy or "Olive 2". That's it! You're good to go.
   Option 2: Just as easily, press a light pink and white tattersall option and match it with a navy suit, brown (yes - BROWN) shoes, and gingham tie. Done!


  1. Did you have Jeremy in mind for option 1? ;)

  2. It actually happened to be what I was wearing that night to go to a magazine launch party!

  3. Great and simple advice! I would also add that fit is PARAMOUNT. Too many times guys with good intentions will overlook this key wardrobe-building component. Thus resulting in a big gingham circus tent billowing from the torso.