Front Yard Mini-Makeover

Over this past three day weekend, we got a LOT accomplished in our front yard. Luckily, the front was already landscaped (for the most part) from the get go, so not too much work was needed; the back yard, on the other hand, is one big hot mess. Just by watering daily, the grass and bushes in the front are starting to grow thicker and greener, and no longer are we "that house" on the street. Either way, this weekend we made some minor (but necessary) improvements. Think of it as a chemical peel, some Botox for the crow's feet, and just a touch of fillers for those "parenthesis" lines around the mouth. Really, it was more maintenance than anything else. (Now the back yard...brow-lift, lipo on the inner and outer thighs, arms, and stomach, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and a laser hair removal treatments...everywhere.)

Our "problem area" for the front was this triangle created by our Y shaped driveway and the brick walkway to the house. The previous owner filled this space with big funky rocks and then piled dirt on top. Hideous. A few weeks ago, we attempted to plant Asian Jasmine which is supposed to spread like wildfire and requires very low maintenance - of course, it didn't spread one stupid inch. I blame the crap soil and all the rocks that I CANNOT get up! Then, we had this great idea...

Since the space really functions best as a walkway, we decided to make it just that. I pulled up all the ground cover and planted it in the saddest place on earth our back yard. Then, I dug up as much soil and rocks as possible, laid "black stuff" to keep potential weeds from growing (this is KEY), and poured 11 bags of pea gravel to fill in the space. Y'all - it looks SO good!

We also lined a good portion of our driveway with mondo (monkey) grass which hopefully will start to fill in the the end of the summer. It makes such a big difference already even though it looks like plugs from a hair transplant right now. Finally, we planted out newest obsession - agapanthus! (It's also really fun to say. No? Just me? Okay) Right now it's just green, but will eventually grow a tall stalk and a purple flower will bloom. I can't wait!

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