Before and After: Guest Bathroom

Like the rest of our house when we first bought it, the guest bathroom was a tragic mess. It was dirty, outdated, and periwinkle. It has this awful oval, gold-colored, dingy mirror (which once removed revealed a hugh hole), plastic hand towel holders, and an LSU mat that surrounded the toilet. Eww. While there are still a few changes here and there that we'd like to eventually make, below is a list of easy DIY improvements we did to transport the bathroom from college apartment circa 1993 into something we wouldn't be embarrassed for our guests to use.

- repainted the whole room (linen gray)
- removed hand towel holder from wall (patch hole)
- replaced toilet seat cover
- removed old mirror, patched hole, hung new mirror
- replaced shower rod and curtain
- decorated
- replaced light fixture

We chose a lighter color for the bathroom than we did in the rest of the house. Truth be told, I would have gone with a shade of white, but Beau and I settled on a super light gray (a few shades lighter than the rest of the house) We recommend super light colors for bathrooms, especially if they get natural light. Lighter colors (especially in the cool family) emote a sense of sterility - and who doesn't want that in a bathroom?!

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