DIY - Crackle Paint

Purchased at an estate sale in Lake Charles, Louisiana, we brought home this small, sad mini-chest of drawers (super awkward name) that was in desperate need of some TLC. Deciding to branch out a little and try something on the funkier side, we ran to the Lowe's and picked up red paint, avocado green paint, and crackle finish. (Scary, I know. I couldn't see it either!) However, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome...

Basically, we started by sanding and painting the piece red. After it was dry, we coated on a layer of the crackle finish. Finally, we completed the piece by painting a layer of the avocado green, and let the crackle finish do the rest. (There is a specific way to apply the top layer of paint - you don't want to go over the same spot twice, or it will affect the crackle finish. Don't worry. It's all explained on the can) Done! Completely new piece of furniture with just the cost of paint! Gotta love it!

We would recommend something like this ANY day of the week. It's a smart and cost effective method of updating your home - especially for the constant DIYer. Anytime you can completely redo a piece of furniture by just slapping a coat of paint on it (or two and crackle finish) and possibly changing out the knobs if necessary...well...enough said!