(Leftover) Steak Salad!

"Leftovers" are something that Beau and I are not all too familiar with - considering we typically eat everything on our plates...and then seconds - but every once in a while, we'll have a little something left over. In this specific case, we had a big steak lunch at Beau's mom and step-dad's, and afterwards, they sent us home with a huge leftover T-bone steak. Mmmm! After that hugh meal (and feeling a little bloated) we opted lighter option the next night - steak salads!

It was so easy and fast (I'm picking up a theme with my "cooking") I just added the strips of the steak to mixed greens, crumbled blue cheese, and Marzetti's Roasted Garlic Italian vinaigrette dressing. Put this on everything anything! Done.

I know that this is nothing new, and by no means are we taking credit for the idea of leftovers. However, we DO hope that this inspires you to, at the very least, get a little more creative (with your leftovers) than simply reheating a plate from the night before.

*Obviously, this works with bbq or baked chicken or sausage, too.


  1. I went a week where I ate a salad every day just so I could use that salad dressing.