Bringing NOLA to BR

Over the past few years, several of our Baton Rouge friends have moved away from the Capital city and into the Big Easy. While we DID consider moving, we both have jobs in Baton Rouge, so Beau and I decided to plant ourselves here - at least for the time being. Regardless of where we live, we still love the New Orleans culture and laissez fair attitude. To help us bring in a little NOLA into our home, our best friend, Megan picked up these cute New Orleans inspired coasters from The Royal Standard in BR near the Perkins Rd. overpass. We are obsessed with this entire store, but specifically their NOLA inspired pieces - which they have a great selection. Don't worry - I don't mean gaudy, Affliction looking, studded rhinestone fleur de lis shirts and hats...HATE those!

Coasters like these are such an easy and affordable way to turn something as mundane as...well...a drink coaster into something cute and decorative. It sure beats a folded paper napkin! Another option is to put a few together and turn the coasters into a trivet when serving a hot dish for dinner. Just a thought.

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