DIY - Chalkboard Paint!

Okay - I've been DYING to blog about this because I think it's one of the coolest DIY projects we're undertaken. Chalkboard paint is just like any other paint (in terms of how you apply it...not so much in price) however, once dry, you can write on it and erase just like a regular chalkboard! You can apply chalkboard paint to literally just about anything and it will automatically make it better. Fact. Try it in a kid's room or a playroom, flat-front cabinets, or pantry doors. You could even paint an entire wall in your kitchen (although we'd recommend selecting a small wall. This could be a LOT for a wall that goes the length of an entire room!) What this does is add that "amazing-magazine-idea-but-it-could-never-work-in-my-house" look. Seriously!

In our previous house, we applied the chalkboard paint on some cabinet doors in the kitchen, and we used it to keep grocery lists and reminders. In our new house on Capital Heights, we tried to go for a more industrial look by painting it on a piece of wood we had cut and then bolted to the wall using dramatic bolts and washers. The goal was to create almost a restaurant kitchen feel. Regardless, we LOVE the finished product. The best part is that this is the DIY that keeps on giving. We mostly use it to jot down ideas for The Mended Nest which are ever-changing, but we'll use it for the occasional reminder as well. As I said before, as you're going throughout you day and realize here and there that you're out of something...write it down! Also, it's great for remembering appointments, projects, or deadlines.

You seriously have to try this - I guarantee you'll love it. Even better - your guests are going to love it. Get ready to hear over and over again what a great idea it is and how you're so creative because you though of it...and what's better than that?!


  1. I love the chalkboard. I would like to make a mini one!

  2. I want one in my new house!!