Red White and BlueBag

One of our favorite things about moving is that we get to edit our life and all the crap in it. (I should say that by no means do we live in a space that’s worth our own episode on A&E’s Hoarders.) Beau and I did quite a bit of editing when moving into our house, but I’m most excited about our decision to get rid of our old sofa. Let’s just say that after allowing 3 pets on it for two years, the sofa has had its fair share of spills, pet hair, pet accidents, and pet odor. Yum. Looking back, it's completely embarrassing, and the fact that we never really noticed the smell is bewildering. It’s like being a cigarette smoker or mothball advocate. After a while, you don’t even notice the smell, but unfortunately, everyone else can. But what can I say? - you live and you learn. Mended!

We made the decision to start fresh with a new sofa for the new house, and chose to not allow any animals on it. Obviously, sofa options from places like Pottery Barn, Crate&Barrel, and West Elm were tossed around, but in the end, we decided we didn’t want to take out a second mortgage, and we went with a more conservative option from Ikea. We immediately fell in love with to the EKTORP sofa in Svanby Gray from Ikea! However, We neither wanted to take the trek out to Houston (where the closest Ikea is located) nor pay an arm and a leg to get it shipped. Soo...we did a little research and found a company called Love Blue Bag

Basically, Love Blue Bag takes orders from people in New Orleans, the Northshore, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge (as well as a few other places), charges twenty percent of the cost of your order, and goes to Houston to pick it up whatever you’ve ordered for you! That was a long sentence, to to break it down. You order. They pick up and deliver. You pay cost of order plus 20%. Done. As long as your order is placed by Monday, your purchased items will be delivered to your home by Friday. Sliced bread, step aside - this is the coolest thing ever! They’ll even assemble whatever you’ve ordered, if needed…for a price of course. The sofa was the first time we’ve used LoveBlueBag, and we were so pleased with them that we’ve already ordered from them again for art work over Beaus “office”. My favorite part is that there’s no order too small for them. If you like something as small as a picture frame, they will pick it up and deliver it to you. Amazing!

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