Backyard Renovation: The Plans

We've hired our good friend and Landscape Architect/Consultant, Chris Ferris to completely transform our backyard from a sad and tragic space into the fun, lively, and beautiful backyard that we know it has the potential to be. A few weeks ago, Chris came over to measure our lot and discuss our preferences, budget, and timeline. We obviously asked for beautiful, inexpensive, and for it to all be done next week. While we're not getting EXACTLY that (mostly in terms of timeline), I have to say we are beyond impressed with what Chris has come up with for us.

We met last Sunday afternoon for lunch and coffee, and Chris brought all the plans for us to check out. He explained his vision and exactly which elements he was planning to bring in for the project. Always open to suggestions and options, Chris worked with us to come up with a final concept that Beau and I are in love with. Chris also walked us through the necessary steps that would by involved in terms of timeline and budget, and gave us a break down of what to do and when. We told him that we were willing to do a lot of the manual labor ourselves, but he recommended a few contractors for some of the initial steps (like leveling the yard and replacing (and extending) the patio). We couldn't be happier, and are looking forward to getting our hands dirty and start on the renovations! Don't worry - we'll keep you posted every step of the way!

To contact Chris Ferris, Landscape Architecture Consultant and Planner:
- email: christopher.c.ferris@gmail.com
- phone: 225-936-7156

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