Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, everyone! (Yes, I'm aware today is the 5th, aka Tuesday, aka four day work week!!) We were very busy this weekend, and we're excited to share all of our weekend festivities! We kicked this beautiful three day weekend off by picking up a few Skinny Chick margaritas (why can't they find a name that's a little more gender neutral?) from Zippy's and we headed off to our friends, Joe and Chad's beautiful home on the LSU lakes for a quaint 2nd of July cookout and pool party. As usual, we had a great time as those two definitely know how to throw a fun party. Needless to say, after forgetting to apply sunscreen and then later dropping Beau's phone in the brisket (oh yes - now it SMELLS like brisket, and you can only talk on speaker phone) I was pretty dead for the rest of the night. However, how could we pass up a surprise birthday party for our friend, Michael? Exactly. Not possible. So that was the 2nd.

There are no pictures from Sunday, but this actually may have been my favorite day of the weekend. After an exhausting Saturday, we were able to sleep in a little - until almost 9:00! After a cup of coffee, we ran out to Clegg's Nursery to buy 2 flats of mondo grass with which to outline our driveway. (We'll have a whole post about front yard renovations, so don't worry - pics are coming soon!) Just as we were finishing up, it started to thunderstorm, so we were able to enjoy  a midday nap as we watched the rain falling outside. Then we got dressed, ran to Calandro's to pick up a bottle of wine and a few cheeses, and joined our good friend, Lissa, and the rest of the Weston family for dinner. As a night cap, Lissa, Lissa's friend named Lisa, Beau, and I finished off a few more bottles (go figure) of wine on the front porch of their beautiful Bocage estate. Heaven!

Now the 4th! After working a few more hours on our front yard facelift, we threw on bathing suits, loaded up the Danes, picked up some grub, and once again drove out to Bocage. Try to keep up, but the parents of our best friend's (Megan) boyfriend (Chris) live in the neighborhood as Lissa. It was exactly what I was hoping for: good food, beer, pool, and relaxation. I can't speak for them, but I think the Danes had a great time, too! Neither had been swimming before, and they seemed to love it! While mostly staying on the steps, the two of them at least once were curious enough to attempt deeper waters. They were so cute! 

Just before leaving and wrapping the weekend up, Megan, Chris, Beau, and I decided go to Superior Grill for some yummy Mexican food (as if we hadn't eaten enough). I plan on dedicating an entire post to this God-sent restaurant a bit later, but I do want to at least mention the margaritas. O. Em. Gee. While on the pricier side, I can say with confidence that these are the best margaritas in Baton Rouge. Trust me - after one, you'll definitely be feelin' good. After eating, paying, and taking the rest of the margs to go (gotta love Louisiana), the four of us strolled around the Capital Heights neighborhood as I asked Chris (our landscape architect) about every single plant, bush, and shrub we passed. Beautiful weather, great friends, and margaritas - it made us really appreciate our life, family, and our country. Happy Fourth from The Mended Nest.


  1. Okay Matt--How do you function with all that alcohol in you!!?

  2. Practice! no just kidding. it's not as much as it sounds :)