DIY - Table Time

For us, one of the most difficult things to shop for is a table. Not a dining room table or a coffee table - I'm referring to the those tables used to either anchor a small wall, add decor to a foyer, or possibly used as a petite writing table. It's difficult to shop for them (for us at least) because it's hard to pin point exactly what we're looking for. I just know the ones I find online are too small or big, narrow or wide, short or tall... or IF I find the one that's just right, it's too expensive. Soo...we made one. Well - in a sense:

Using an old Singer sewing table base given to me by my gradma and paring it with a old shutter Beau found at Circa, we created this little miscellaneous table. Pretty cool, right? At our rental property, it was the perfect size to use as a catch all table (mail, keys, wallets, etc) in the entrance hallway because of its narrow shape. However, we now use it to anchor one of the walls in our living room.

The goal was to keep the decor simple for this piece, so we didn't clutter it with too much stuff. We just used:

 - Green vase (with faux branches added - all from Red Door Interiors)
 - Brookstone speaker ball
 - Archipelago candle (literally obsessed)
 - Picture (Pottery barn frame given to us as a present)

These are one of my favorite DIY projects because there's no mess, it's functional, and you can see your work pay off everyday! We hope this inspires you!


  1. How did you attach the shutter to the table? I have a sewing machine on top of its table still and would love to try this one day. You guys continue to wow me!

  2. it's actually not attached - I just placed it on top. So far, we've had to problems with it being "wobbly" or anything. (even with two great danes running past it every day lol)

  3. This is a beautifully executed idea for a side table, so simple but complex with the aged sewing table base. You two are great!

  4. thanks! Look for more ideas to come like this!