Snip Snip

After about three months of looking at our overgrown azaleas and thinking to myself how I really should trim them back, I FINALLY got off my butt and did it. It was getting really bad. Like, random stems were popping up everywhere, and they were even starting to grow together in some places. Right now, they look a little funny (like a little boy's fresh haircut circa Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber) but after about a month they'll be looking really good. For now, we (and our neighbors) will have to endure goofy looking azaleas. Sorry, Y'all!

While I was doing all this, Beau was busting butt in the back yard getting rid of all the weeds including the vines that have started growing up our house. Even more importantly, he pulled up the crab grass (my arch nemesis) that's been growing in-between the patio pavers. We still haven't put the new one in yet, so for now, we at LEAST have to keep it somewhat presentable, right?!

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